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FEATURE - July 2016

10 Reason for Celebrating You

By Tania Vasallo


"The more you praise and celebrate your life, the more there is in life to celebrate."

- Oprah Winfrey


I don't know about you, but for me I tend to be an ambitious woman that sets goals, then I go through my checklist and start checking them off. There's a sense of pride, a smile, maybe a minor celebration and I move on to the next goal on the list with out any real celebration. When did we stop celebrating? Why are we so caught up in the end results and not making time to honor and celebrate ourselves.  This is no longer going to be this way, I have vowed to start honoring all my accomplishments, big and small. It is time to celebrate me for who I am and I encourage you to do the same thing if you are not someone that rewards yourself for all of your wins.


Here are 10 reason for celebrating you:


  1. You get to enjoy the journey besides the destination. If you're always doing, doing, doing and checking goals off your list, it's never going to be enough. Why not instead, enjoy the journey? If you're able to stop, celebrate, savor the moment, and then move on to the next thing it's going to make the journey so much more enjoyable. 

  2. Celebrating yourself, raises your confidence.  The more you celebrate yourself and who you are being, the easier it becomes, your confidence raises, you'll walk around with a smile, your energy will be better,  there will be a certain glow to you. Don't you think people will pick up on this? Go out, boost your confidence with an acknowledgment or celebration of yourself.

  3. If you don't celebrate yourself then who will celebrate you? There's only one of YOU, that is as unique and special as YOU are. Everything that you set an intention on doing or being, is worthy of celebration. If you don’t focus on your celebration others won’t either. You need to set the stage for yourself to be celebrated and for others to join in. 

  4. You deserve to be honored. It's so easy for us to focus on all the things that we're not doing right, what we could've done differently, what we should've done. How about instead of beating ourselves down we can start building ourselves up? The way to do it is by honoring and celebrating yourself.

  5. Celebrate to feel good. The more you celebrate yourself, the better you feel, the better you feel, the more you will attract good things into your life. Then it just becomes a a cycle: the more you attract good things into your life, the better you feel, the better you feel, the more reason to celebrate yourself and on and on the cycle goes.

  6. Celebrating yourself will breed joy. If there’s a big dream or goal that you’d like to get accomplished, visualize your intention of what it would look like once you accomplished it and what kind of celebration you would do. If it’s to loose weight, will you treat yourself to a day at the spa? Or a new workout outfit? If your dream is to write a book? Will you travel to an exotic location? How will you celebrate it? Think of the end result first to carry you through the process. Indirectly, you’re setting yourself up for breeding the joy. 

  7. Celebrating yourself will inspire others.  I feel like many women tend to forget about themselves because they’re always taking care of others. It’s time to turn this around. If you can go out and do something nice for yourself you will be setting an example for others in your life. Go out, celebrate yourself in whatever way makes you feel good and be an inspiration to those around you.

  8. When you celebrate yourself you’re fueling your creativity . If you are constantly doing, reaching the next goal and not celebrating, or just having a momentary glimpse of fulfillment, then you are no longer enjoying the process. If you do pay attention to what you just did (big or small) by acknowledging it and celebrating it, you are creating space for more creativity to express itself.

  9. Celebrating gives you a reason for being . Think about all the cultures where they’ve celebrated rights of passage, big events like becoming a man or a woman, getting married, a birth of a child, etc. We have let go of a lot of these rituals and when we do that, we are left with a void, we are taking away our meaning. That’s why it’s important to create these moment of celebration for who we are and what we do.

  10. Celebrating You, zaps that need for approval . Many times we get so caught up in the end result that we are looking for that pat on the back, that “congratulations,” those 15 seconds of fame, all to be validated by others. If you can celebrate and acknowledge yourself for what you just did and work that muscle it will be much easier to eliminate the need to be approved by others.


Stop and think about what you have accomplished this week, or who you are as an individual and go out and celebrate yourself!  You deserve it!

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