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Heart and Business - April 2016 - Santa Fe

3 Leaps to a Different Experience in Your Professional Life

By Heather Robertson


Have you ever been so submersed in your work that it feels like every ounce of you is living and breathing your work and the idea of focus upon anything else feels minute? We've all heard of work life balance however this isn't about balance as much as it is about awareness of how all aspects of your life are moving and changing as you realize your goals. The following steps are strategic pillars to having the juiciest professional lifestyle on the planet.


Step 1: Realize you are not your profession. You are so much more.


It’s true--over identifying with our career as a vein of our self worth and identity in the world can lead to a bit of challenge. It’s one thing to be committed to excellence, and another when we hold so tightly to an idea, project, or goal that it can’t breathe, and by default, loses its inspiration and impact in the world.    


A longtime colleague and mentor of mine gently reminds me every time we’re together that our work is an extension of our best selves. It is only possible to manifest this best self when we pay attention, remain authentic with our gifts, and remain relentless to serve powerfully. Arriving here, you will see that you are much more than a profession or career choice.


Step 2: Power of profession lives in the stillness


Knowing what’s next evolves in the stillness of the present moment. But understanding and being comfortable in the stillness is much easier said than done--as we want to keep moving and progressing. Staying still can sometimes feel like stagnancy.


However, this approach is nothing less than a self-training in your ability to pay attention and slow way down. Instead of constantly thinking about what’s next, allow yourself the opportunity to be in stillness. Go for walks, watch the sun rise, or meditate. Whatever it is, nurture your internal reflective landscape. You’ll be surprised with how the answers you seek will find you instead of you searching for them. Collect yourself, and re-enter with a fresh perspective when the timing feels right.


The stillness will share everything you need next. With commitment, your instincts are developed to a place that moving from moment to moment is smooth, centered, and stable. Allowing yourself to experience stillness will evolve your actions naturally to be in the best interest for your Self, and for all.


Step 3: Settle in your Worth


You’re enough. Have you heard that? Read that? My question is, have you really integrated that with a deep knowing it's true?  The push to do more, to be more, is fruitful when you are blended deeply with the knowledge you are enough.


In business this may look like bouncing back from challenge with more ease, grace, and fearlessness.


In career this may be reflected in experiencing more joy and success with teams and projects.


In family this may be confidence in your decisions even when they disagree.


I invite you to practice these 3 Leaps with patience and practice.  Heart and business is infinite and begins with realizing “we are not humans on a spiritual journey.  We are spiritual beings on a human journey.” Stephen R Covey.


To all of you,


Heather Robertson E-RYT, CTC, CF is an entrepreneur, facilitator, and mentor, with endless commitment to presence and purpose within business and life. She is owner of Wide Awake by Design, located in 

Santa Fe, NM.  


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