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FEATURE - November 2016 - Kansas City

Abundance and Gratitude Start with Positive Thinking

by Rebecca Perdieu


I often wonder if the two are actually related. I have felt a deep sense of gratitude at times in my life and interestingly enough, it was followed up with some form of abundance.  


Thoughts have and hold energy. To be abundant or to be able to feel grateful, all one needs to do is be selective with their thoughts. Thoughts come into our minds and it is up to us which ones we choose to put our energy in to. For instance, thoughts are coming in and out of our minds at different speeds all throughout the day, every day, so we decide to choose a thought to think about. From there, that thought becomes a feeling and we then begin to become aware of the feeling or emotion rising within us. From there, the feeling becomes an action, so we decide to act upon this feeling or emotion. It could be as simple as stopping for ice cream or as severe as taking our own life or the life of another. 


Abundance and gratitude begin with the thoughts that we choose to put our energy into. If you find that in the beginning, only negative thoughts or what some would call “reality thoughts” are your only thoughts to choose from…then create thoughts of abundance and gratitude by using your creativity or your imagination. There is something Good in everything….I assure you. If you do this then what you are actually doing is bringing into your mind (thoughts), your body (feelings) and your life (actions) are what we call intentional manifestations. That is how we create our actual abundance and gratitude out of love for ourselves. What we think about, we bring about! So be selfish when it comes to the thoughts that you choose to give attention and energy to.


When dealing with a difficult situation or faced with a dis-ease within the body, the concept of holding only abundant thoughts or finding something to be grateful for regarding the issue you are dealing with, works even faster and has been known to have miraculous results when you see the beauty, radiant health and love within the issue that you are dealing with. This might seem difficult at first but as you practice, it becomes second nature full of ease and grace. You are meant to be abundant. You are powerful, creative, and full of love, light and blessings. Each one of you! Learn to be you! Learn to be abundant! Learn to be full of gratitude! The Universal Law of Attraction will always be working for you. What you send out energetically…comes back energetically. So only send intentional thoughts of abundance, gratitude, self love and love for others.


I have come to a place in my life where I can acknowledge just how abundant my life has been and I can honestly say to all of you that my heart is full of gratitude. Personally, I have experienced death of friends and family, cancer, sexual abuse as a child, severe poverty, brain surgery with my son, divorce, financial loss, incarceration of a sibling, emotional distraught, and the list goes on as far as what one would call having human experiences. I share these experiences because I want you all to know that I truly get how thoughts and feelings can seem like there is no control over them due to the pain and confusion associated with life at times. But this comes from a heart so sincere and a woman who stands strong and full of love. When dark situations tried to become my reality….I became the light and light vibrates at a higher frequency and holds tremendous power. And the light is within you! You were created with and of God’s White Light. So the next time you find yourself in a place of darkness….flip on the Light that is within you! Just like a switch, imagine there is a switch inside of your heart and every time you flip that switch, the light comes on and shines through you to the rest of us and  in all situations and in all circumstances and in all dealings, physical, spiritual, emotional, mental or energetically. The Power is within You!


I am grateful for the opportunity to write and share my thoughts on gratitude and abundance with all of you.


I send love and light to you all and leave you with words from one of my favorite artists, “Life isn’t always beautiful….but it’s a beautiful life!” 

Rebecca Perdieu is an Aura Reader and the owner of 3 John of God Crystal Healing beds. She is partnered with American Shaman Products and is passionate about her teachings in regards to the healing benefits of hemp. She is the owner of a CBD store and can be reached at 913-558-7377 or by email; and

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