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FEATURE - June 2016 -  Santa Fe 

Agelessness, Holy Fire Reiki, and Our Divine Eternal Self 

By Priscilla Schmidt


I gently place my hand on Aaron’s shoulder and let him know he can get up, signaling the end of our session. I quietly hold space while he slowly stirs and returns from his journey. As he sits up, he rests his hands on the table and his feet hover just above the floor. He is breathing deeply and slowly, different from when he walked in. The tightness around his stomach and sides seems to have relaxed and his shoulders have dropped, creating more space between them and his ears. Just sitting casually on the table’s edge, he already appears more balanced and comfortable in his body, and calmer. The Energy working is visible, even his becoming aware of changes that took place during the hour. I continue to wait and hold the space, witnessing his coming back. Another few moments pass before he looks up. And there, it really shows. A particular glow shines out through his eyes and from his face, softening his wrinkles, releasing stress. His face looks youthful. His eyes are open and clear. His third eye is bright. Years have suddenly disappeared. As we look at each other, I bow my head and we both smile. It is the only word needed. I hand him some water. He is still somewhere else, still coming into body again. But with greater presence. Greater peace. More aware. And his energy, timeless.


It is a frequent occurrence in a Reiki or Holy Fire®  session, the shedding of “age”. Whether in a private session or group share, it is common to witness a client sit up from a session and see the timelessness of their being looking out at the world, as if just awakened. And no matter how many times it is observed, it is remarkable. It is a refreshing of spirit. A rejuvenation of mind, body and soul. A moment when there is nothing missing, nothing diminished, nothing lost, nothing burdened. When everything that is true is present, and everything present is true. But there is a question: what accounts for this? What is the relationship between Reiki, Holy Fire and agelessness?


When we look at agelessness through the lens of Reiki or now, Holy Fire®, we see it is about connecting with our higher self and awareness; with our clearer, lighter energy, our Divinity, our eternal self. Agelessness is not an aesthetic or anything related to a counting of years, but has to do with our ability to access an essence that is our truest expression and filter. When someone opens to and works with these higher energies, they’re actively engaging a timeless wisdom and open themselves to healing their separation from this state of true, boundless existence. They return to and re-mind themselves of a state of knowing that doesn’t know age, doesn’t follow a calendar, and doesn’t diminish with the daily stresses we are prone to.


When we experience ourselves as our eternal self, for which Reiki and Holy Fire® are conduits, we step out of the limitations that suppress, depress and age us - or, pull us out of our timeless self knowing and awareness. The human aspects that piecemeal and locate us on a finite timeline momentarily cease to have their ongoing impact of taking us out of our agelessness. Whatever we think our physical, emotional, spiritual or other states are, we are fully alive and well. We are whole. We are complete. We are eternal.  When we connect here, it is like a deep, full breath, fresh as if the day were our very first again.


But knowing this asks us to go even further in our understanding. Why is the feeling so prevalent or more easily seen and felt at the time of a session? Why the fall back into what always seems untimely woes that add extra wrinkles, cause stress based physical or emotional conditions, and challenge our perception of wholeness and well-being? What can be done to grow our sense of agelessness in our day to day experience, outside of sessions, with no special tables? How does Aaron maintain that easy, peaceful, whole feeling when he leaves the studio? Will he have to come back to feel eternal again?


Whether attuned or not, studying or not, new or veteran to the Energy, there are principles in action that empower anyone to know and affirm their eternal aspect, their agelessness. This idea is present in the recent evolution of the Reiki energy itself. Reiki has always supported the individual as well as all beings - four legged, winged, slithering or other, in their relationship with Source Energy. Now Holy Fire®, the Flame of Christ or God Consciousness coming from the Third Heaven, operating with even greater refinement and subtly yet tremendously potent, opens the Energy to each person and being even more clearly and directly with true, unconditional love. Connecting with and holding this Divine Love is one of the highest vibrations we can hold on earth. It is the love that heals all. And, while a practitioner is part of a session, Divine Love is based in a person’s own agency with Source and themselves. Healing comes from stepping into the light and flame of healing as the healer. This only requires showing up and a willingness to be present and honest.


Independent of a session, one can use the principles of Reiki and Divine Love in Holy Fire® to grow and affirm their own connection to their eternal self in areas where we most often take ourselves out of our ageless awareness: be willing to let go of what wants to leave, allow change to happen; openly accept and love all aspects of yourself without judgment; try witnessing life events as much as you experience them; do and speak with love and compassion. If you have had contact with the Energy, you can invite the Energy to assist you. And if you haven't, still invite it in, and feel your agelessness take root.


Much love, peace and gratitude to all.   

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Priscilla Schmidt is a Holy Fire Reiki/Karuna® and Usui Reiki Master and Teacher. With compassion and humor, Priscilla helps you embrace change, connect with your inner knowing, and heal your life. Offering in-person and distance healing, certification, advanced training and mentorships. People and animals.  Santa Fe Reiki and Energy Healing Meet Up. 949-648-3468



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