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The Automatic Writing Experience

By Betty Ann Dean


Recently I had the opportunity to participate in an automatic writing workshop with Michael Sandler (author of this book) and Mike Dooley (the creator of Notes from the Universe).  While I’ve had a regular meditation practice for quite a few years, the opportunity to communicate with Spirit in a different way was intriguing. The twenty-one-day process described in the book seemed like an easy way to start. I had tried automatic writing years ago and put it aside when I convinced myself that it was my ego and not my intuition that was driving the responses.


So what exactly IS automatic writing?  According to Sandler, “Automatic writing is a tool that’s been used in psychology to rewire the subconscious by the likes of Jung and Freud for well over 150 years…..Whatever we think about, focus on, and speak or write about, we can literally draw into existence. AWE (automatic writing experience) can show you how to change your life, how to up-level everything, how to move past wounds and emotional blocks, and how to call yourself toward the most incredible, outrageous, over-the-top magnificent future that’s so far beyond your wildest dreams–but is already waiting for you.”


Perhaps it’s easier to talk about what automatic writing is NOT. It’s not journaling. Journaling comes from the ego mind. It’s more of a first-person dialogue–”I want to create this…” or “My why is….”  Journaling is often more about what is happening in our daily lives, problems we are concerned about, and searching for answers to issues we are facing. Automatic writing, according to Sandler, is a second-person writing experience. It comes from a higher wisdom, so you are able to step back and hear from a guiding spirit that you are able to trust. Messages from that second-person source are more along the lines of “You are loved” or “You are kind”--the kinds of messages that come when you are not locked into the place of that first-person “I”.


Automatic writing is not a predictor of the future, it’s not being overtaken by a spirit person, and it’s not dictation. The voice you hear in your head is yours alone. You are relaying the messages coming through to you. Several people have told me they are unable to do automatic writing as they are not accomplished writers. Actually, that’s for the best–the ego mind will be out of the way and you are free to let the pen flow as it will.


Sandler offers specifics about how to begin the process, with an emphasis on ritual. He suggests that it’s easiest to get into the habit of doing your writing if you go through the same process every day. He advocates writing twice daily, ideally early morning and evening. He suggests that it’s easiest to connect in the early morning when the world is still dark and quiet. I have found that to be true for my own practice. He recommends having your own sacred space for your morning writing, be that your favorite chair or even while still in your bed. I have found that creating the ritual as he suggests–keeping the lights as dim as possible, avoiding as much external stimulation as you can (things like checking social media and your phone messages are no-nos),using binaural beat music to allow a deeper theta meditation state, and avoiding stimulants like caffeine are all a part of the process. 


Sandler recommends beginning with a few meditative breaths and then moving on to prayers thanking Spirit, angels, guides, or whoever is present for you. To begin, he offers these questions as prompts:


“What do I need to know today?”

“Who am I?”

“What is my single-minded purpose for today?”


After a week or so of writing, you may begin to ask other questions, such as:

“What do I need to do to take better care of my health today?”

“What pattern am I repeating in my life?”

“What am I here to accomplish at this point in my life?”


You will begin to formulate your own questions as you become familiar with the process. You’ll find yourself asking many questions that are specific to your personal needs.


My own process looks something like this:

I have my notebook (Sandler does allow the use of the computer although I like the organic feel of actually writing and being able to refer back easily to what I’ve written), headphones, and pen ready to go so that I can quickly be ready to write as soon as I get up. I keep the lights low, grab my cozy blanket and start with my own version of meditation and prayers. I will have to admit to allowing myself a cup of coffee as part of my ritual too! I am amazed that my pen seems to “write itself” and that the words that come are truly from guidance and not my thinking mind. Words and phrases that I would never choose appear on the paper, and beautiful images and new guides have come in to help me to know that those words are being sent to me from Spirit. When I go back to re-read what I’ve written, a clear message often emerges that I missed while I was in the process of writing. The themes for me have been consistent, encouraging, and loving.


The path to a smooth, flowing writing experience sometimes has a few glitches along the way. People frequently comment that they just don’t know what to write. The important thing is just to write SOMETHING, even if it’s “I don’t know what to write”. Soon you will begin to find little nuggets of wisdom appearing in your writing, such as “loved” or “all is well”. If you find that you are struggling, you might try to fine-tune what you are doing by making sure you are including the prayers and meditation, changing your writing spot or position, or even experimenting with different meditations to get into the flow of the writing. Relax and be playful with the experience, don’t work too hard at it and soon you will find yourself with a page–or several pages–of writing. Do be sure to go back and read over what you have written as you may be surprised to see what is on that page!


Finally, Sandler suggests that at the conclusion of your writing experience you offer a prayer and thanks for the information you have received. He uses these words:

“For my highest good, the highest good of all, or something better.” Those three simple words, or something better, allow the Universe to bring you something greater than you have ever imagined.”


I’ve been doing this process consistently for several months now and I am amazed at what has changed for me. I feel a much stronger connection with my guides–some familiar ones and some new ones–as well as heightened energy overall. I find myself eager to receive messages that are meant just for me. 


How would your life change if you could develop that ease in communication with your Higher Power, your guides, or whatever name you choose to call that Infinite Wisdom that is available to you? What would you be able to manifest in your own life? Give it a try and see what you notice!


Betty Ann Dean, R.N., B.S.N., has worked in various settings as a registered nurse. In 2008 she began to explore energy medicine as taught by Donna Eden as a way of healing the body in addition to traditional medicine. She is certified as a practitioner of Bowenwork, a hands-on healing therapy, and brings a rich background of corrective exercise to her healing modalities as a result of her 10 years of experience as a personal trainer. In 2020, Betty Ann was certified at the Masters level as a medical intuitive and continues to study with her mentor, Tina Zion.


Her practice, Vibrant Bodyworks, is located in Liberty, MO, and Parkville, MO. 


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