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REVELATIONS - April 2017 - Kansas City

Balancing Life by Taking a Break to Re-Fuel 

By Tania Vasallo


“Each person deserves a day away in which no problems are confronted, no solutions searched for. Each of us needs to withdraw from the cares which will not withdraw from us.” 

— Maya Angelou 

Amen to Maya Angelou! 


Dear hard working soul, you need to re-read this quote. I highly recommend placing it somewhere visible, where you can see it every day and make time for you to "withdraw." 


It's as important to take time off to pause and play as it is to work hard. 


Today, I want you to give yourself permission to pause and take a break. Whether you do that for five minutes right now or you schedule a full day of play and contemplation. 

If you're looking for a way to find balance between work and life, I highly suggest to read the following reasons why it's important for you to take a break and renew yourself. 


The Importance of Taking a Break from Work 

1. You need gas to keep going. When you're running nonstop, like a car, you need to stop and replenish with gas. If you keep running on low, you'll eventually dry up and stop. How do you replenish and fill your tank up? What kind of gas do you need to get you going? Is it a day at the spa? Hanging out with friends? Going to the beach? Playing an instrument? Watching movies? Think about what gets you all jazzed up and full of energy and make time for it. 


2. Your body, mind, and spirit need rest. You are not a machine; you are human, and as such, you need to rest. Has it ever happened to you that you miss out on sleep one night and have to drive somewhere? How did it feel? The few times that this has happened to me, I felt as if it were worse than being intoxicated, or as I like to call it, being drunk on lack of sleep. You can't function as well, you make many more mistakes, and just don't operate well. Your body, your mind, and your spirit need to relax in order for you to be able to give more of yourself. 


3. Working smarter vs. working harder. Just because you're working hard and nonstop does not mean that you're getting more done. Sometimes it's best to take a step back, strategize, batch process things, and figure out a better, more creative way to solve the work load. You will save time and energy that you can focus on something more fun. 


4. Breaks can equal play. Kids are the best example with this. If you observe a child, they learn through play; they're not sitting down thinking, "Wow, this puzzle is so much work, if only I spend 10 more hours on it I will yield some productive results." They just play, go about their business, make it fun, and try to figure it out. Make some more time for play in your life, or even better, bring the play into your work so that it doesn't seem as hard. 


5.There are health risks involved when you don't take a break. If you keep on pushing yourself without getting proper rest/breaks, the machine (your body) will eventually have a break down. Think about it, the more you push yourself the harder it is to break the bad patterns: you order more take out, you sleep less, you stress more, you exercise less, and eventually you fall flat on your face. 


Please take care of yourself and give yourself a break sooner than later. 

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Tania Vasallo is the founder of The Courage To Be Happy, a supportive community that empowers and teaches passionate, heart-centered women entrepreneurs all over the world how to create their desired lifestyle and design a purposeful life: A life of freedom, joy and success! Creator of the “Designing My Life Workbook

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