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Be Your Own Medical Intuitive

Healing Your Body and Soul

By Tina Zion

Reviewed by Betty Ann Dean


Years ago, when I began to study energy medicine in depth, I first chose a program led by Donna Eden. I am a registered nurse and was raised in a family that took traditional medicine very seriously. It was a big stretch for me to step into the alternative at all–frankly, I was like a deer in the headlights during those first class meetings. I was in awe of Donna and her ability to actually see energy. While I was envious of that skill, I was sure that only a couple of people in the world had that talent–and I was not one of them. I was intrigued but convinced myself that I would have to rely on other methods to sense the energetic world. After all, I barely knew what an aura was, didn’t hear voices or messages, or know things before they happened. I thought it was very cool that Spirit sent messages to many people, but I certainly didn’t think I was receiving any messages meant for ME.


Perhaps it was my medical background that drew me, but along the way, I stumbled upon a few medical intuitive practitioners. I was intrigued with the work but in addition to being sure I could never see energies inside a person’s physical body, I was terrified that a medical intuitive session for myself might reveal things I would rather not know. What if the practitioner discovered a terrible disease I was not aware of, discovered secrets about me, or worse, told me I didn’t have long to live?


I did continue my journey in energy medicine and discovered many wonderful modalities. I opened my own practice and grew to love learning about how subtle energies affect us. Medical intuition kept popping up along the way–I was interested but never took any action to learn more about the work. A colleague suggested that I might enjoy an upcoming workshop given by Tina Zion. I signed up with her encouragement, although I was still pretty sure that I would never be able to do this level of work. Without expecting much, I settled into the first day of the workshop.


I was astounded to hear Tina say immediately that she had no special gifts for doing the work she does. She emphasized that we are all intuitive, we can all learn to work with our intuition and take steps to heal ourselves and others. Seriously?? I was still skeptical. 


Over the course of the three-day training, I found that I could indeed perceive the non-physical, I could sense and see images of information…and I was accurate! I began to study Tina’s books, Become a Medical Intuitive, and Advanced Medical Intuition, as I learned more and more. I was quickly fascinated with the understanding that all of this was natural and normal and completely fell in love with what I was learning.


When the newest book in the medical intuitive series, Be Your Own Medical Intuitive, was released, I again had a lot of doubts about my ability to do this work. How could I do this objectively for myself? I was getting much more comfortable receiving intuitive information for others, but I found myself a bit terrified to look deeply at my own physical body.


Luckily, Tina’s desire to teach that having this kind of awareness is empowering and natural helped to put me at ease. As she says, “The most powerful healer has always been you…Medical Intuition is more than just being able to scan yourself. Medical Intuition leads to a profound level of information about your eternal life’s story. Medical Intuition is about identifying yourself as a soul on an amazing journey. The more you know about you, the more you are deliberately in charge of you.”


The book is chock full of practical ways to begin to notice the subtle, which is what intuition is. She begins by discussing how your possible rules, blocks, and expectations about receiving intuitive information might interfere with what you perceive. In the beginning, I thought I must see everything and discounted the information that came from thoughts, hearing, feeling sensations in my body, or just an inner knowing I had. Now I know that all of these are unique pathways to receive a greater awareness of self.


An important part of doing medical intuition for yourself is to realize that the quality of your thoughts and emotions are much more important than you might have suspected. As Tina says,

“You are so much more than a thinking machine. Your unit includes your body, thoughts, emotions, and the energy field of your soul. What happens in your thoughts happens in your body at the same time…Your energy is electrical in nature, vibrating at certain frequencies. Every frequency holds informational signatures within it. Everything is energy, and energy is information…We humans are vibrating electrical forms living within an electrically vibrating world. You can be a powerful link in the electrical system, or you can be a weak link.”


One of the most vital tools we have to strengthen our energy system is the toroidal field technique. Tina recommends working with the human toroidal field as a way to “power up” our energetic signature. Because our thoughts and emotions are so powerful, we have the ability to direct the flow of our energy field. Think of the toroidal field like a fountain…the flow cycles up through our body, out through the crown of the head, where it picks up even more Light and energy from the heavens and cycles through again and again. This flow is all around us–sides, front, and back–and the cycle is important. It enables us to be powerful from the inside out. It’s a bit like turning up a dimmer switch to become brighter and brighter. Filling this field with thoughts of violet, rainbow colors, gold, and diamonds (all powerful energetic frequencies and vibrations) enriches the flow even more as we ramp up our brightness. I love the thought of being a powerful link from the inside instead of putting a barrier of protection around myself.


An important part of this process is being playful and imaginative with it.

“Your entire body becomes a pumping mechanism, exactly like a fountain in a park. Practice and playfully practice some more…The more you attend to your field on a daily basis, the more you will feel energized, secure, and alert. The more you do this daily, the faster and smoother it will happen. Run your toroidal field first thing in the morning and again at bedtime. Run your toroidal field swiftly throughout your day. You will feel and know the difference in yourself.”


Recognizing the causes of illness and life struggles is important to their healing. Tina includes the following as possible causes of issues in the physical body:

  • Thoughts and Emotions

  • Physical Body Needs

  • Current Life Traumas and Losses

  • Relationships

  • Environment

  • Past Life Traumas and Losses

  • Ancestors

  • The Non-Physical Spirit Realm


Many intuitives only give information to their clients. Tina has extensively studied herself and provides healing steps to take to resolve each of these issues, defining healing as, “releasing something that is a burden” or “receiving a lasting positive effect…When healing has happened your journey will continue to ebb and flow, but the waves will no longer have rough highs like tidal waves do and the lows will not plunge into the depths. The contrast will be less volatile and greatly diminished. The positive and the negative will continue because the earth plane is based on contrast, choices, and decisions. But when you have truly allowed and received significant healing, your boat will not rock so severely.”


Can you begin to see how you are a powerful creator in your own life? Can you sense that in taking charge of your own energies, thoughts, and emotions you can positively affect your physical body? The book has many practical exercises and techniques you can use to be the powerful link in the Universe that you are meant to be. 


It’s no secret that I am a fan of Tina Zion’s work–she is my mentor and is a constant encouragement for me as I now do medical intuitive work professionally.  I highly recommend all of her books. Mine are dog-eared from reading them over and over again. Be Your Own Medical Intuitive is an important read for those who want to be more in control of their own life and personal healing…and to be the strong link you are meant to be in the Universe.



Betty Ann Dean, R.N., B.S.N., has worked in various settings as a registered nurse. In 2008 she began to explore energy medicine as taught by Donna Eden as a way of healing the body in addition to traditional medicine. She is certified as a practitioner of Bowenwork, a hands-on healing therapy, and brings a rich background of corrective exercise to her healing modalities as a result of her ten years of experience as a personal trainer. In 2020, Betty Ann was certified at the Masters level as a medical intuitive. She continues to mentor with her teacher, Tina Zion, and is a recommended practitioner on Tina’s website.


Her practice, Vibrant Bodyworks, is located in Liberty, MO, and Parkville, MO.


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