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All in the Familia:

Finding Authentic Mexican Cuisine, Made with Love in a Desert Oasis

Originally published on Global Plates: The People We Meet, The Food They Eat, by Jill Dutton. Reprinted with permission.

Who: Lilia Peralta and Alberto “Lalo” Higuera
Food item: Fresh fava beans
Where: La Purisima, Baja California Sur
Visit: Cabañas La Purísima


Lilia Peralta’s fiery red hair and pink lipstick hint at her lively and playful personality. She comes across as timid at first, but perhaps that is simply a result of the language barrier since she only speaks Spanish, and I only speak English, save the few words I’ve learned through an app before the trip.

Still, her nervous structure falls away once the translator arrives – her easy smile appears, and her hands gesture emphatically as she tells me about her family history, the acreage she and her husband Alberto “Lalo” Higuera own in a desert oasis that she calls “paradise,” and especially the food she grows and creates using cherished recipes passed down for generations.

Read the full story here.

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