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May Featured Products

Our editorial team independently selects and reviews each product we feature. If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn commission.

The Complete Salad Cookbook


The Complete Salad Cookbook contains more than 200 delicious, imaginative recipes that combine ingredients in novel ways that make a surprising amount of sense on the plate and palate. Sweetness balances spicy heat in Carrot Noodle Salad with Harissa and Honey. Go-to herbs mint and basil bring light, summery flavor and arugula delivers a subtle peppery bite to Edamame and Shrimp Salad. While there are lots of green salads here, that’s just the start. Chapters also center around fruits and vegetables, pasta and noodles, and lentils and grains. Some recipes call for beef, egg, chicken, seafood, or tofu, but you can add these (or omit them) in practically any recipe.


The Complete Salad Cookbook: A Fresh Guide to 200+ Vibrant Dishes Using Greens, Vegetables, Grains, Proteins, and More (The Complete ATK Cookbook Series): America's Test Kitchen: 9781948703567: Books

SIMPLICITYTEAS-4045_1800x (1).jpg
Simplicy Teas


Life is too short to drink bad tea! Each month you will receive a package of artisan loose leaf teas hand-curated by tea experts for you! Each tea is created with a purpose such as optimized digestion, a mid-day pick me up, or a night time tincture to help you get the best sleep of your life- however, we don't sacrifice taste! 


Simplicity Teas makes a great present for a friend, family member, (or yourself!). Your first package comes with a unique reusable silicone infuser so you can get brewing right away. You can skip a month or cancel anytime.

Simplicity Teas | #1 rated tea discovery box


EarthRx BodPods®


Offering a completely different delivery method for body wash, EarthRx BodPods®are individual, plastic-free “pearls” containing pre-measured, premium body wash (each enough for a single shower, but for more lather users can feel free to grab 2 or 3!). These eco-friendly “pods” are unlike anything else out on the market. They release generous lather when they come into contact with warm water, getting skin pristinely clean (not to mention soft, smooth and delightfully hydrated.)What’s more? They arecompletely biodegradable,leaving no trace on the environment and keeping plastic out of landfills and the oceans.

EarthRx Bodpods Individual Body Wash Pods Ocean Fresh Formula – EarthRx LLC

Einova Ultra Fast Power Bank


Camping and outdoor kits used to comprise of little more than a tent, swiss army knife and the basic gear needed to do your recreation. Today’s outdoor enthusiasts tend to bring along phones, cameras and GPS devices, but all these gadgets run on batteries that will need to be recharged and the Einova 20,000mAh Ultra Fast Power Bank can help keep your gadgets charged up when there isn’t a wall outlet for miles. The portable charger comes equipped with two USB-A ports to recharge phones, tablets and camera as well as a 45W Power Delivery USB-C port that can quickly recharge compatible laptops. The power bank is covered in soft, water-repellent linen canvas with a soft touch frame around the side as well as a built-in LCD display that tells you the remaining battery life in one clear number, so you won’t be left unexpectedly without power.


Einova Ultra Fast Power Bank

Copy of AMP_M_BROWN_2.jpg


HMNKIND began with a simple thought: to do better. They do better by creating a reliable and trusted source for high-quality, thoughtfully designed everyday protective apparel and accessories. Their antibacterial fabrication is a patented wet polyurethane foam designed by K Beauty and Skincare industry experts. The masks are 99.9 percent antibacterial and prevent 99.9 percent of UV rays. They are also clinically tested and have superior quality against particle and viral filtration. Plus, they are the softest masks you will ever wear! HMNKIND not only does better to care for the Earth by utilizing recyclable materials in the product and packaging design, but it also does better for society by giving back 10% of all sales to Color of Change. They have children sizes through adult sizes for men and women, plus a variety of colors for work or play.





The company’s flagship slip-on, the Revive, is built with Kane’s proprietary BounceBackTM foam, which is derived from sustainably-harvested Brazilian sugarcane and other eco-sustainable materials. BounceBackTM foam is formed from sugarcane ethanol, a carbon-negative material that stores carbon dioxide sequestered from sugarcane’s growth process. Kane’s vision for a healthy planet seeps into the details of the Revive’s design: even the tug string on the back of the shoe is constructed from recycled plastic.

Home - Kane (



Most of our tech devices haven’t been very mobile lately. Which means we’ve let the cables and chargers take over. Since they’re already on the loose, now is the perfect time to come up with a new organizational system for all the little tech accessories we will want to carry with us again when things return to normal. It’s time to ditch the rubber bands, twist ties and sandwich baggies for a case that has a pouch, slot and band to hold everything in place in one organized bundle. 


The INTELLI SYNCH is water resistant, with a carry handle that makes it easy to find and grab out of your bag and features 5 convenient ‘synch’ loops to secure cables plus 5 storage compartments for any loose items like earbuds, portable batteries and more.

SYNCH - Tech Organizer –

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