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Discover Your Cosmic Purpose Through Empath Activation Cards


By Rev. Stephanie Red Feather



Did you know empaths are here for a reason?

Humanity is in a cycle of ascension. Our collective frequency is raising. Dormant cells and light codes are being activated and our consciousness is expanding. As empaths, we are on the leading edge of this wave of awakening. In fact, we have an important cosmic purpose: empaths are here to help humanity ascend to the next level of consciousness.


My sensitive friend, you are not crazy and your life is not a mistake. Everything you have experienced has brought you to this moment…here…now. As an empath, your collection of sensitivities and gifts makes you uniquely qualified for this mission of ascension! You are a way-shower, an edge-walker, a light-worker. You are a pioneer of human consciousness.

How do you know if you’re an empath?

Empaths (or however you identify: highly sensitive person, telepath, sensitive soul, sensor, etc.) are born with a range of sensitivities that the average human does not possess (or which stay dormant during the course of the “average person’s” life.) From research and practical experience with my clients and students, I identified five qualities empaths demonstrate that, taken in total, separate us from the rest of the population and are akin to personality traits we were born with:

1. The ability to merge with and absorb the energy of other beings (people, animals, or anything with life force), which stems from a very open personal energy field. This is the quality that causes us to unconsciously take on others’ emotions and problems and to struggle with boundaries.

2. A highly sensitive nervous system. This makes us prone to overwhelm and overstimulation, which require extra-vigilant self-care.

3. Great sensitivity to the energies around us and an ability to perceive or access subtle information stored in the energy fields of all types of life-forms. This makes it easy for us to tune in to the “unseen” realm of spirits, including angels, apparitions, the dead, energy fields of people and things, paranormal experiences, past lives, the Akashic records, people’s emotions, and much more.

4. The premium we place on peace and harmony in relationships, our environment, and our own energy field. Given our heightened sensitivities, we will do anything and everything to keep our relationships and environment—and therefore ourselves—as stress-free, calm, and harmonious as possible.

5. Big, open hearts and a desire to serve others. This makes us inclined toward careers focused on service as well as over-giving and putting ourselves last on the list.

Keep in mind that each of these qualities lie on a continuum, and not every empath will exhibit exactly the same qualities in exactly the same proportions or in the same way.


Some people will resonate with and experience one particular characteristic strongly, while not identifying nearly as much with another. (For a full treatment of this subject, please read my book The Evolutionary Empath.)

What is a cosmic purpose?

There are many degrees and expressions of mission or purpose. Each person does not have just one – and only one – purpose in their lifetime! There are collective missions and individual purposes. Missions get completed; new ones come online. Some get aborted or are never activated and we try again the next lifetime.

Our cosmic purpose, however, refers to our understanding of ourselves as more than just physical, material beings and, thus, recognizing we have a bigger role to play on a much grander scale than we had previously imagined. At this point in human evolution we are waking up to the knowledge that we are spiritual beings having a human experience. Where we once questioned the esoteric, our hearts are remembering that we are actually beings of light and that we are part of a galactic – not just global – community.

As way-showers – the first wave of humans actively choosing to wake up to and remember our divine birthright – we are enacting our cosmic mission. We are at once both cause and effect. Certain celestial movements, timings, and cycles are exposing earth and all of her inhabitants to more potent (beneficial) electromagnetic energies along with other energetic sources that are bathing us in “wake-up juice.” Dormant codes are being activated. “Junk” DNA strands are being turned on. Our personal vibratory rate is rising in frequency. All of these activities of light are initiating us into our light bodies. They serve to expand our consciousness and reveal to us our multi-dimensional, divine nature.

Yet simultaneously, we are also cause in the matter. As we consciously choose to engage in high-vibrational activities, do our inner work, perform our spiritual practices, tend to our energy bodies, release our karmic debt, heal our human wounds, and become interdimensional explorers…we are contributing to the collective frequency of humanity. Our attention to our own personal vibration, state of consciousness, and awareness help entrain the vibration of the collective to a higher rate.

What makes Empath Activation Cards unique?

Oracle decks are amazing divinatory tools – tangible means that help us connect to the unseen realms for guidance, clarity, validation, encouragement and inspiration. Empath Activation Cards can absolutely be used the way you would any other oracle deck (see a sample spread later in this article.)

But there’s something else about this deck that makes it unlike any other oracle you’ve worked with before: the Empath Activation Cards book can be read from start to finish as a self-guided initiation into the mysteries of higher consciousness.

As I created the messages and the art (I am both the author and the artist), the 44 cards began to organize themselves into four groups of 11 cards each. The cards, and the accompanying book, take the reader through four initiatory paths. They are:

Initiatory Path One: Healing, Wholing, and Practices for Embodiment

Initiatory Path Two: Light Body Expansion and Tools of Mastery over Your Perception and Experience

Initiatory Path Three: Activating Higher Consciousness, the Astral Plane, and Tools of Multi-Dimensionality

Initiatory Path Four: Cosmic Mission, Star Relatives and Your Power as Co-Creator with Divinity

To use the material as a self-guided initiation, you would read through the guidebook just like a book, going in order from one initiatory path to the next (and interacting with the images in sequence as well). In this way, the arrangement acts as a cosmic mission activation launch sequence, drawing you into higher, wider, and deeper dimensions of consciousness with each path, as well as preparing your light body for the next octave of your soul purpose on earth.

2022: A sample reading

Empath Activation Cards are a powerful deck with very activational imagery. Here are the three cards I pulled as I connected with the energies of 2022:

Oracle deck cover.jpg
10-soul contract.jpg
9-natural rhythms.jpg
30-scepter of consciousness.jpg

The interpretation

Always take a moment to sit with the image of the card before reading the accompanying message. These images hold activational frequencies designed to stimulate or awaken dormant codes, memories, wisdom, and clarity. Allow the images to transmit to you from your spiritual team exactly what you need in this moment to support your growth and transformation.

Card #1 – Soul Contract. For many lightworkers, we have experienced more in this lifetime than just “this lifetime’s worth of stuff.” At a soul level we chose to clear karmic energies, resolve unfinished business from past lives, heal lineage and family patterns, and much more. This is why our inner work can feel so heavy and intense at times!

The Soul Contract card indicates that there are multiple levels of soul contracts – both with other people as well as with your own soul – that will be at play this year. When issues, challenges or triggers come up, understand that there is probably more to it than what meets the eye. Whatever comes up for you will be presenting you the opportunity for healing and transformation, the result of which can ripple positively both up and down your timeline as well as into past lives. Important soul contracts will come to clarity, resolution or completion. Remember that in spirit form there is no judgment about what occurs or doesn’t occur. As a species with free will, know that there is no wrong move…only choice.

Card #2 – Natural Rhythms and Cycles. Our ancestors attuned themselves to the natural rhythms and cycles of the Earth and lived in harmony with Gaia. Examples include the seasons, day and night, weather patterns, ocean tides, moon cycles, and the orbits of the planets in our solar system. Your own body has innate rhythms, too: the flow of cerebrospinal fluid, your heartbeat, biorhythms, circadian rhythms, blood pressure cycles, menstrual cycle, and those of the organ clock.

This card indicates that – to some degree – you have grown out of sync with the natural world and the rhythms of your own body, which are inviting you to slow down the pace of your life and reconnect your personal energy grid to the energetic grids of the planet and the cosmos. It is time to stop listening to outer influences and return to your own personal rhythms. Trust in divine timing. Trust in the cyclic flow of productivity and rest. Trust in your body’s wisdom. You are being asked to consider what life decisions you need to make in order to restore your sense of well-being and cohesion with the natural world.

Card #3 – Scepter of Consciousness. 2022 will be a time of great awakening. Your light body, kundalini, and consciousness will be activated and elevated. As a result, you might experience a wide range of physical, energetic, and spiritual symptoms. Like something is both dying and being reborn, and/or you may experience feelings of disorientation or living in a waking dream state. You might have spontaneous past-life recall, intuitive abilities that seem to have sprung up overnight, or increased sensitivity to light, sound, vibration, food, electronic devices, and more.

To support you in this initiation, the oracle of Scepter of Consciousness brings you an ancient symbol of healing and transformation: the caduceus. There are multiple layers of symbolism encoded in this powerful staff.  In yoga, the caduceus represents the transformation of spiritual consciousness through the vehicle of the body’s pranic energy system. The staff itself represents the human spine, and the two intertwining serpents represent the kundalini or life force that resides at the base of the spine. Other symbolism in this “Staff of Hermes” also includes the masculine and feminine channels, the five elements and the seven chakras.

This card invites you to stay in touch with the status of your chakra system and energy field. Your energy body and physical body will be undergoing immense changes during this preparation to hold a greater degree of light. Use the powerful symbol of the caduceus as an ally, teacher, and transformational tool in your journey of expanding consciousness.

Invocation: The Heartbeat’s Call to a New Dance

One of my favorite parts about Empath Activation Cards are the incantations. In addition to the message, I wanted to include some sort of ceremony or guided activity so readers could begin to embody the message. Early in the writing process, as I was composing one of the messages, the most amazing incantation (poem) came through. Turns out about half of the 44 cards ended up with these powerful declarative invocations as part of the message.


The 2nd card in the sample spread, Natural Rhythms and Cycles, has an incantation with its message. These are so powerful to read out loud so I invite you to take a moment to center yourself, take a deep breath, gather your energies, and declare:


Movement and stillness, ebb and flow

These are the cycles your body knows

A time for production, a time for rest

Come back to this rhythm at your soul’s behest

Too much forcing, too much pursuing

Too much pushing, too much doing

Your energy stores are depleted, spent

Deep within lies profound discontent

Return to your natural rhythms and cycles

Connect with the cosmic dance of circles

It is time to release others expectations

Free yourself of your output addiction

Unplug from the world’s false, driving tempo

Where intuition is trampled in favor of ego

Reattune to the pulse of your own heartbeat

Take a break from the world, restore, retreat

Go deep within where your primal beat thrums

Listen to the cadence of your own body’s hum

You alone administer your energy and time

You get to create your new paradigm


Where to go from here

As empaths, we are perfectly suited for the purpose of helping humanity ascend in consciousness. We show up in our bodies with heightened sensitivities, a slightly different energetic physiology, and a predisposition for accessing altered states and different planes of consciousness. On the whole it is easier and more natural for us to connect to the subtle forces of the universe and to sense and feel the realness of the changes taking place on earth and in our bodies, even if we cannot see the evidence with our eyes. We feel it in our bodies. We see it in our mind’s eye. We sense it with our energy field. We travel the various dimensions of time and space and return to this plane of existence with new information. We are evolving into fifth-dimensional beings. We are, in essence, the new human blueprint.

While the idea of a cosmic mission might seem weighty and overwhelming, it is important to understand that being who you are, where you are makes a difference. Your consciousness matters. The inner, personal work you do matters. As the one, so the many, as the many, so the one. As you heal and transform, you contribute to the collective healing and transformation of all of humanity. As others heal and transform, you are likewise contributed to. Do not discount the importance of continuing your personal growth, spiritual exploration, and consciousness work. The “mundane” is as important as the profound. Change begins within and your contribution is the spark that could ignite a positive shift in your entire family, community, country or planet.


Red Feather 3.jpg

Rev. Dr. Stephanie Red Feather is a divine feminine change agent and champion of empaths. An award-winning author of the international best-seller The Evolutionary Empath and Empath Activation Cards, her passion is to help fellow sensitive souls break out of energetic jail and become co-creators of new earth consciousness. Stephanie holds a bachelor’s degree in mathematics and a master’s and doctorate in shamanic studies. She is a contributing author to the #1 best-sellers Chaos to Clarity: Sacred Stories of Transformational Change, and The Ultimate Guide to Self-Healing Volume 2.

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