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REVELATIONS- January 2017

Depicting the Life You Seek  

By Traci Bray BS, MA


Piquing sensual reminders offers a stage you will want to set to launch you into the New Year.


Nudges toward the future are evoked when we see, touch, smell, hear or even taste things we set in place.


Last month in the Evolving feature article, a process of setting goals for the New Year was presented, (see A Primer on Taking a Life Inventory). When you’ve set goals, transforming them into a tangible reminders gives energy to intentions you have set. “Vision Boards” offer one way to do this, and include collages with photos, words and mementos that are best placed in a location you’re most often in or at during the day. Some people photograph their board and use them as a screensaver. Others are beautifully or inexpensively framed and hung. For others needing something more-private, they can be hung on the back of a door, or placed in a drawer that is frequently opened. Size does not matter - some people create huge vision boards by hanging newsprint or heavier paper on the wall, adding to it.  


The topic areas mirror the previously mentioned article and provide topics to consider in regard to life balance. Here are some ideas:


Health & Well-being

  • On a vision board, place pictures of things you intend to eat, such as smoothies

  • If you drink tea, set up a tea service near where you are at the time you drink it with a nice cloth, napkins, etc.

  • Load a screensaver that represents peace, well-being or health

  • The scent of lemon or orange reminds of clear, clean living


Love & Relationships

  • Have pairs of things around you, even a pair of pears

  • On a vision board affix pictures of couples, rings, or weddings

  • If you love Nature, or are a gardener, display live flowers on your desk or in your kitchen

  • Make or place a plaque that says “LOVE” in your space


Inner Knowledge

  • Place books you wish to read, where you read

  • Tack brochures on your vision or bulletin boards of things you wish to attend

  • Listen to podcasts or recorded books and have them handy, and displayed



  • Keep that gratitude journal in one place that is convenient for when you make entries  

  • Place a prolific faux money tree in a beautiful vase where you handle your money

  • Tidy your purse or wallet - the ease at which you navigate these items reflects the ease as to how you handle money


Helpful People & Travel

  • Hang travel posters of places you dream to visit

  • Hang a mobile of airplanes or travel-related trinkets

  • Create a list of people who you intend to connect with, business/personal or family, and attach to your vision board

  • If Nature is your focus, play sounds of birds, whales or whatever you love


Children and/or Creativity

  • On the vision board if you’re wanting to conceive, place pictures of baby things, happy pregnancy and post-delivery images; light safely a baby-scented candle

  • If you hope to create things, keep illustrations of plans, finished projects, etc. visible, or of the finished object itself that you wish to replicate or do something similar

  • If Nature is your focus, play sounds of birds, whales or whatever you love



  • List acts of kindness you wish to engage in and hang that list on your bulletin or vision board

  • Place logos from newspapers, magazines, television stations or podcasts you wish to be interviewed by on your vision board. If you intend on winning an Oscar, an image of that award and the word “STAR” or “WINNER” applied may just be what’s needed



  • Attach conference brochures, or a class syllabus to a vision board

  • If you’re not accomplishing career-wise what you wish to be doing, images of what you do wish are perfect on a vision board

  • Paint inspiring quotes on your wall or ceiling, or order custom words or phrases for applications to walls, mirrors, etc.


Finally, if these possibilities sound great to you, but you’re challenged with incorporating them, take a class on goal setting, or the development of vision boards for example. This author will be offering both in January of 2017. 

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Traci Bray is an “Evidence-based” Medium. She is Certified by The Windbridge Institute of Tucson as Level Five Research Medium, and by the Forever Family Foundation of New York. She earned her Master’s Degree at Western Illinois University. She reads by phone, or in-person from her Kansas City office. Find her at, or reach her at 913.940.0754. She posts nearly daily at 

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