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REVELATIONS - August 2017

Dreams Give Lessons on Your Body and Mind

by Kathrynn Andries


Dreams offer us a free class each night on the status of our mind and body. A dream is a message transmitted from our subconscious mind to our conscious mind. If we are caught naked in our dream, it indicates an attitude of openness and honesty in our waking life. Likewise, dreams reveal our true thoughts and attitudes we had during the day, fully exposing our true self! Let’s explore what we can learn about ourselves from these nighttime messages.


Dreams reveal what is going on with our physical, mental, and emotional health. Cars are the symbol that relate to our physical body, so pay attention to the type of car you are driving in the dream. If you dream of a broken-down car, this is an indication that you need some self-care. If your brakes don’t work, you need to slow down! Running out of gas is an indication you need more fuel in the form of food and nutrients.


Our mental health can be assessed through houses in our dreams, which are the symbol for our mind. The condition of the house relates directly to our perceived condition of our mind. A shack in disrepair indicates a person who has a poor self-image and who could benefit from positive affirmations. A beautiful mansion indicates a healthy sense of self-value and expansive thinking.


Next, we look to water, the symbol for emotions, to know how we are handling our emotional life. For example, the other night I dreamt I was on the beach and saw a huge wave forming. A large wave indicates feeling emotionally overwhelmed. I had just moved into a new house and was still surrounded by boxes which was emotionally stressful for me. Hopefully, once our family is more settled, I will dream of swimming in a pleasant pool on a balmy afternoon.


Have you ever wondered who those strangers were in your dreams? People in our dreams represent the ways we think and act. With total honesty, we need to write down the first two words that describe the people who appear in our dream. My friend Susan appears frequently in my dreams, and she represents the part of myself that is funny and creative. In my dreams, I get along with her. However, other nights I have a crabby old boss who comes to visit my dreams and we argue. This indicates I have a crabby side to myself that I do not get along with.


Then there are those dreams where we get intimate with our favorite person. Those sexy dreams reveal how we are creating in our life. Creation requires the coordination of the conscious and subconscious mind, symbolic of males and females. When we have sex in a dream, it reflects our harmonious creating that took place during the day. Rather than be ashamed of those dreams, we should welcome them and congratulate ourselves for our creativity.


Are you prepared for life? Many adults experience a dream of being back in school and are either lost or unprepared to take a test. This dream reflects our feelings of anxiety about facing the world and living up to all the demands and expectations placed upon us. The western world’s focus on achievement and making more money fuels these types of dreams. If this is a recurring dream for you, then it’s time to heed the message and get prepared! Positive thinking will go a long way to helping us feel prepared for life.


Dreams can show us if we are practicing positive, expansive thinking by allowing us to fly while sleeping! Flying in a dream is the ultimate feeling of being free, which is our true nature. So, I hope we all can claim our divine right to be powerful creators so that we can fly all over the world without ever leaving our bed. 

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Kathrynn Andries is the author of 2 books on dreams entitled Naked in Public: Dream Symbols Revealed and The Dream Doctor. If you are interested in learning more about dreams she can be contacted at


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