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EAT SMARTER: Use the Power of Food to Reboot Your Metabolism, Upgrade Your Brain, and Transform Your Life

EAT SMARTER hit #1 in Amazon’s New Release category, #1 in Weight Loss and is currently the #1 Best Seller in Nutrition. 

The Model Health Show (which hit #1 on Apple Podcasts Health & Fitness category) host Shawn Stevenson (features include The New York Times, Forbes,  Fast Company, Muscle & Fitness, ABC News, The Dr. Oz Show, ESPN) in EAT SMARTER: Use the Power of Food to Reboot Your Metabolism, Upgrade Your Brain, and Transform Your Life (Hachette’s Little, Brown Spark; Dec. 29, 2020) draws on 

cutting-edge science to explain how the way you eat affects your metabolism, memory, sleep, and more. 

With his signature swagger making complex science fun, entertaining, and easy to understand, Shawn unpacks: 

Food & Metabolism

  • Why is body fat not really the culprit it’s been made out to be? 

  • How has the misconstrued science of calories contributed to growing diet struggles? 

  • How does the process of fat loss actually work? 

  • The 3 things that are clinically proven to suppress fat loss no matter how hard you diet or exercise

  • The surprising way our gut bacteria controls our body weight

  • Specific foods that can positively alter our microbiome and positively influence fat loss

  • The major misconceptions about macronutrients 

  • The 3 things people can do RIGHT NOW to upgrade their metabolism 


Food & Cognitive Performance 

  • Why the average human brain is extremely undernourished and the science on why our brains ravenously consume energy

·       The brain’s internal and external security systems

  • What our brains are actually made of

  • The foods and nutrients that are clinically proven to have a direct impact on memory and focus

  • What’s behind the skyrocketing rates of brain inflammation and how it’s affecting our health


Food & Relationships

  • The surprising research on how nutrition affects our relationships and emotional intelligence 

  • How our relationships deeply impact the food we eat and how our social structures determine our food choices

  • The latest information on the epidemic of food and health disparity in our world today and what we can do to fix it 

  • How food is used to express love

Food & Sleep Wellness

  • How our sleep quality is largely controlled by what’s happening in our gut

  • Some everyday things people consume that directly damage their sleep quality 

  • Which nutrients are critical in building our sleep-related hormones and neurotransmitters 

  • Which foods are clinically proven to enhance our sleep quality

Food & Psychology

  • Why food and psychology are so closely connected 

  • The 4 major dieting personality types 

  • How our belief systems affect our food choices

  • The surprising ways that our perception controls the way food impacts our bodies

  • What mental reflex determines our actions around food 

  • What simple strategies we can use to change our relationship with food

The Science of Meal Timing

  • How is our modern way of eating causing chaos with our genes? 

  • Can shifting our meal timing have any effects on weight loss? 

  • The clinically proven benefits changing our meal timing can have on our brain health 

  • Surprising science demonstrates that shifting our meal timing can actually extend our lifespan – how does that work? 

  • What are the F.A.S.T. body transformation tips?

EAT SMARTER explores the science of food and fat loss, highlights how food impacts different areas of your life, and offers an empowering guide to making better food choices for lasting health and vitality—no matter where you’re starting. 

Shawn also shares his robust Eat Smarter 30-Day Program, which features delicious recipes and takeaway strategies to help harness the hidden power of food to transform your body and life, giving readers the tools they need to improve both physical and mental health. 

Shawn inspires readers to improve their food choices and achieve their heath goals, simplifying the weight loss process by coaching and educating on healthier practices in all aspects of life.

With empowering and accessible insight direct from one of the nutrition field’s most vital voices, EAT SMARTER is the ultimate blueprint to achieving better long-term health—the first steps in a path toward healing in a chaotic world. 


Shawn Stevenson is a bestselling author and creator of The Model Health Show, featured as the number #1 health podcast in the U.S. with millions of listener downloads each year. A graduate of the University of Missouri–St. Louis, Shawn studied business, biology, and nutritional science, and went on to be the founder of Advanced Integrative Health Alliance, a company that provides wellness services for individuals and organizations worldwide. Shawn has been featured in Forbes, Fast Company, The New York Times, Muscle & Fitness, ABC News, The Dr. Oz Show, ESPN, and many other major media outlets. He is also an in-demand keynote speaker for numerous organizations, universities, and conferences.


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