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FEATURE - January 2016 - Santa Fe

Embracing Change

By Tania Vasallo


“Life is change. Growth is optional. Choose wisely.”

~Karen Kaiser Clark


CHANGE, CHANGE, CHANGE.... Just the sound of it might make you cringe. Change is one of those words that we just don't like. Let's accept it, we are creatures of habit and anything that has us do things differently makes us nervous.


On the other hand, we always want others to change but we don't want to change ourselves. Why is that?


It’s a new year and around this time we’ve all made our resolutions and have decided to change something about ourselves. If  you can befriend change, things will become much easier for you.




1. Change is growth. You are constantly changing, from the moment that you were born until the day that you die, you are changing. You are not the same person you were yesterday, a week ago or a month ago. Your body and mind are changing, growing, expanding, every second of every day. It's part of your make up. With change comes growth. You are growing as a human being. If you aren't growing you are dying. A great mantra I repeat to myself daily is "I'm constantly increasing my health, my wealth, my knowledge & my creativity, all while helping others do the same." This means I'm growing, changing and learning.


2. Change gets you out of a rut. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting things to change. If you've been in a rut, not knowing how to change things but wanting different results you can start getting out of your 'funk' by taking small steps. The more steps you take towards change, the easier it gets. Keep this in mindsince you might want to make very drastic changes this January and then you’ll revert to old habits. Go slowly and steady.


3. Change is our teacher. When you get stubborn and resist change, life somehow has the ability to come back and bring change in a much more exaggerated way. For example, I had a client that hated her job, didn't have the courage to leave but she knew she had to. Her job gave her a false sense of security and comfort. It was easier to stay and be miserable than to do something about the situation. Well, within a month of mentioning this to me, she got let go of. Pay attention to what change is trying to tell you.


4. Change creates curiosity. When you are open to change you become curious as to what is next, 'what will it look like?' 'How will I deal with it?' ‘How will this new year pan out?’ It's like a child figuring out everything in their new world. Why not learn from our children and look at all the changing pieces with the same awe? It will enhance your curiosity.


5. Change strengthens our creativity. When you are thrown into new scenarios, it forces you to tap into your creative powers. You have to figure out how to navigate this unknown territory so you become resourceful and think out of the box.


6. Change creates new possibilities. When you can surrender to change that's when wonderful, unexpected things happen. You are setting up the stage for good to come into your life. I say that the universe rewards those who are brave. Be open to change and watch the miracles show up. Be open to change and watch the fears melt away. Be open to change and watch new worlds emerge in front of your eyes.


How about you, what changes are you fearing? What changes have you overcome? What changes are you committed to happen during this coming year?


May you be blessed with a wonderful 2016!

Tania Vasallo is the founder of The Courage To Be Happy a supportive community that empowers passionate, heart centered female entrepreneurs all over the world to be able to have their life and work flow with ease so that they can experience freedom and play while making a big difference.


Tania provides high-end training, coaching and mentoring for women to discover more about themselves, about what they want to create in their life and business. 


You can find more information at or email at

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