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Resolving Healthy and Unhealthy Energetic Cords in Your Life​

by Mary Ann Robbat 


Energetic cords are the concept of energy running to and from one person to another.  We call them energetic cords because the energy looks like a cord connecting two people. There are healthy and unhealthy energetic cords. 


A good example of a healthy energetic cord is the connection that is established very early between a parent and a child.  When parents have children their focus, attention, and energy go directly to supporting them.  Moms have the added connection of cording through breastfeeding. The child feels safe, secure, and grounded in their parent’s energy.  They become dependent on the flow of energy between themselves and their parent. 


Another example of a healthy energetic cord is when lovers finish intimate lovemaking they cut cords to maintain their energy field. The reason you want to cut cords after intimacy, is so you and your partner are in your independent energy source.  This allows you each to have your own experiences and thoughts without affecting the other.  These cords support the flow of energy from one person to another and create a stronger sense of intimacy.  


Below are examples of unhealthy Energetic Cords  


  1. When we do nothing to disconnect our energy from others.  When a child is over 18 years old, it is time for the child to function independently without the need or connection to the parent’s ongoing energy connection.

  2. When another adult holds the energy of anger, jealousy, or resentment, this energy attaches to you, or if you are upset at someone, you attach your energy to the other person. 

  3. When you get into an unhealthy cycle of thought or deeds with another-- imagine it’s like a firehose of low-level negative energy coming your way or you are sending it out.


In all the above scenarios the challenge is your energy is mixed with another person’s energy, so you won’t feel the ease, flow, and alignment of your energy.  A good way to tell if you have negative energy cords on you is if you feel drained, exhausted, disconnected from yourself, or out of sorts. 


Here is another example of a negative energetic cord. I worked with Sydney, who had a mad passionate love affair with her partner of three years.  She came to me because she started to feel drained, and off-center.  She said she is experiencing anger and she doesn't even know why.  I asked her all the obvious questions if she was worried about something, if she had unresolved anger toward a person or situation, or if someone was harboring ill will towards her.  She answered no to all the above. 


I did an energy scan only to find there were very thick cords from her to her partner.  I asked her about the relationship, and she told me it was very intimate and fiery at the same time.  She told me her partner vacillated between an easy-going guy and a level of intensity as it related to his work.  He also had some troublesome colleagues.  Sydney was picking up on all this energy because she had these large energetic cords to him.  I immediately cut the cords and taught her how to scan her energy daily and to cut any cords from her to him and from him to her. 


Just because you cut cords doesn’t mean that you can’t maintain a level of intimacy with your partner.  What you don’t want to do is have his/her energy impact you daily. 


How do you cut unhealthy cords to adults or your over 18-year-old child(ren):


  1.  Get into a comfortable position. Close your eyes and breathe deeply until you feel you are calm and ready to heal yourself. 

  2. Intentions:

    1. If your child is over 18 years old, an intimate partner or a loved one: Think about the person and lovingly send the words, feelings, and energy to them that you will always be there for them when they need you.  It is very important to do this first to inform them at an energetic level that you love them and will care for them.

    2. If it is a cord going from you to another or from another to you that is unhealthy, firmly say you are severing this relationship.

  3. Scanning for energetic cords – Starting at the top of your head and with your hand no more than 6 inches away from your body, run your hand in front of your body, holding the person in your mind.  Ask your body to show you where the cord or cords are located between you by stopping your hand.

  4. Trust your body's wisdom that it will stop your hand every time it comes across an energetic cord(s). 

  5. Every time you come to a cord (when your hand stops), gently and with love and firmness imagine the cord between you and another (you may not always know who the cord is going to or coming from) dropping off you. 

  6. Once the cord is cut, imagine it going into mother earth to be transmuted into nourishing energy for the planet.

  7. When you have completed the scan and released the energy, imagine beautiful white light from universal energy filling up all the spaces in your body where the cords were present.  Open your eyes and give yourself a few minutes to integrate back into your environment. 


These are great practices to do for yourself when you feel out of sorts or unbalanced.  This allows you to stay in your energy and not let other people’s energy impact you.


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Mary Ann Robbat is a coach, energy healer, and practitioner. A former 15-year corporate senior executive, she was unfilled and went on a spiritual and personal development journey. Today, with over 25+ years in the energy healing and coaching business, Robbat created and teaches the Tollerra Energy Mastery System. She is the author of two best-selling books including the recent Tollerra: Master Your Energy Master Your Life an international best-seller.

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