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FEATURE - October 2018 


All That Is


By Aneta


Energy is an interesting concept. We cannot easily perceive it with our five physical senses as we can with the physical objects. We cannot see energy or touch it, and yet…energy permeates our universe. In fact, everything “seen” and “unseen” in our world is an expression of energy. Energy is the main construct of everything that is. As Nikola Tesla is supposed to had said: “The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.”

At the beginning of the 19th Century, scientists began to investigate the phenomenon of energy and its relationship to the structure of matter. The world of physics started shifting from the Newtonian, matter-based approach, to the newly defined perspectives of Quantum Physics.  

One of the primary scientists who contributed to the field of Quantum Physics was Niels Bohr—a Danish physicist. Niels Bohr received a Nobel Prize for his work on the structure of atoms. Bohr’s atomic model depicts the atom as a small, positively-charged nucleus surrounded by orbiting electrons. He also discovered that it is the number of electors in the outer orbit of an atom that determines the properties of an element. 

Following the definition of Quantum Physics, we learn that our physical and seemingly solid world that we are used to living in is not solid at all. In fact, taking anything under a very powerful microscope shows that everything is composed of constantly vibrating atoms—just as Niels Bohr discovered. These atoms are constantly radiating individual frequency signatures. Building on the above conclusions we derive that we as humans are also constructs of energy. We ourselves are composed of a myriad of atoms which constantly emanate energy. Our electromagnetic field reflects our inner state of being and affects the environment around us. 

In many ways Quantum Physics has caught up with the long-standing Metaphysical research and studies. Metaphysics encompasses both: the physical realm and the meta realms (meta from Greek means “beyond”). Long before Quantum Physics became mainstream, 

Metaphysical teachers stressed the existence and significance of thought vibration. Thoughts are energy in motion. Each thought emits a signal. The collective vibration of these signals determines our personal frequency. It is this frequency that we emit that determines, based on the Law of Attraction, what we manifest in our lives. Understanding that underlines the importance of taking personal responsibility for our thoughts.

To most, the concept of our ability to control our thoughts is very foreign. This is understandable as without the awareness and application of mental practices, all we know how to do is re-create the programs that we inherited either karmically and/or through our family of origin. 

From my personal experience two of the most important practices that help us take charge of our thoughts are concentration and meditation. To harness the power of your own mind, take a few moments and examine simple steps of building the two essential skills.

To concentrate: 

Pick a point of focus. It can be a spot on a wall, second hand of a clock, or a plant. Focus your attention fully on that chosen point for about five minutes. Setting a timer is advised. As you focus your full attention, each time you have a thought that diverts your attention from that point of focus simply will your attention back to the object of your attention.

To meditate:

Sit comfortably (in a chair or on the floor. Do make sure you have necessary support to keep your spine straight). In meditation you are going to call upon your concentration skill. Close your eyes and lift your gaze 20 degrees above level. Rest your hands on your lap, right palm resting in the left one, with thumbs touching each other. Take three deep breaths and concentrate your full attention on the point between your eyebrows. If at any point you feel distracted by your thoughts, simply move your attention back to the present moment, back to concentrating on the point between your eyebrows.

It is not only the knowledge that is essential in us taking charge of our minds. It is the daily, constant, discipline and application of these mental skills that aids us in transforming our vibrational patterns and therefore our lives. With unceasing practice, we can eventually learn how to choose the vibrational patterns we want to tune our minds to.

The fact that our human consciousness, our personal energy field, directly influences our state of being, as well as the state of being of our surroundings is depicted by the work of Dr. Emoto. Dr. Emoto in his research wonderfully illustrated the energetical and vibrational nature of human thoughts. Dr. Emoto conducted a series of experiments with what he called the “water crystals”. He exposed different samples of water from various sources to different vibrational settings. He was then able to freeze the water samples and subsequently take photographs of the produced frozen water crystals. The shape and radiance of the crystals reflected the thought forms that the respective water sample was subjected to—as reflected in the above images.

Dr. Emoto’s research is, in the physical realm of matter, a depiction of the unseen properties of vibrational stimulus of thought. Like an atom in Quantum Physics, a thought is the most basic structure of the Mind. Each mental thought contains a vibrational energetical imprint. As shown in the image above, simple words of “Thank You” and “Love and Appreciation” caused the water crystals to be well-defined and form into beautiful structures. The phrases of “You make me sick” and “I will kill you” produced murky undefined water crystals. 

We are energy. Not only the words that we speak and the deeds that we perform bear energetical imprint. Our thoughts do as well. In fact, our thoughts are the origination point of all the manifests in our lives. I encourage all of us to apply the quote from the Upanishads and:

“Watch our thoughts, they become words;
watch our words, they become actions;
watch our actions, they become habits;
watch our habits, they become character;
watch our character, for it becomes our destiny.”


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While pursuing her Doctorate of Divinity degree through the School of Metaphysics, Aneta continues her research and study of self-actualization and self-realization. She also holds Master’s Degree from DePaul University in Computer Science. She has been serving as a spiritual teacher through the School of Metaphysics for the past eight years. She currently resides in Kansas City. You can reach Aneta at

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