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FEATURE - October 2015 - Kansas City

Energy as Your Medicine

By Todd Borron


How much energy is your body producing? When we generate abundant energy our human bodies will flourish. Daily energy requirements are needed to break down our foods, rebalance the meridians, detoxify, fight off diseases processes, and slow aging. When our body stops manufacturing energy we cease to exist! Our bodies are 100 percent electric and run off of energy manufactured in the cells. We also conduct energy—have you ever wondered why you can touch metal and get shocked?


Our intercellular health, down to the mitochondrial level, determines how healthy we are and how much energy or ATP our cells are able to generate. A number of factors determine our intercellular health. The cell membrane must be healthy and nourished in order for nutrients to enter and toxins to exit the cell. The heavier the toxic load of our bodies, the less energy we may be able to produce, resulting in fatigue and decreased health. 


There are many ways to increase the energy in our bodies and keep the cells happy and healthy. I've found over the years if you don't find “where” the stress is on the body and “why” the cells are unhealthy it’s hard to make long term changes in the body. The top three “energy depleters” I have noticed and work with on a regular basis, apart from poor diets and lack of nutrients, are electrical sensitivities, negative emotions, and a condition called neurological disorganization or "switched, " which means your energy is basically running backward and not flowing correctly in the body. 


Every living thing on the earth has a vibrational frequency. Thousands of these frequencies were mapped out by Dr. Royal Rife ( in the early to mid-1900s and are useful to boost cellular energy. I use an Erchonia laser (, which is programmable for these frequencies to upregulate and energize the body with the possibility to treat hundreds of conditions. The cold laser safely infuses energy into the body at 635nm, which is the frequency that cells replicate. These frequencies allow an interaction between the cells and photons and affect the body at the cellular level. The energy alters the cell membrane permeability and is absorbed by the mitochondria. The mitochondria are the "Powerhouses" of the cells, producing ATP that is needed for every cell to be healthy. The laser also accelerates cellular reproduction and can rapidly speed up wound healing, increase the immune response, reduce inflammation and swelling of joints, and increase joint mobility. It is also great to stimulate lymph and blood circulation for detoxification. In 2001, Erchonia Medical became the first company in the world to receive FDA market clearance for the use of low level laser in the treatment of chronic pain. 


Some of my favorite uses for the Erchonia laser are to correct neurological signal imbalances that have been distorted or shut off by injury or trauma. Specific frequencies work to balance the left/right brain and upregulate the neurological signaling from the brain such as cranial nerves and the nerve supply branching off the vertebral segments. One of the most impressive treatments I’ve done was working with a client who had been in a car wreck and had lost her sense of taste and smell. Two 15-minute treatments turned on her cranial nerves that had been shut off and restored her taste and smell.


Another amazing use of Erchonia energy is to assist the body to “reset” from the negative effects of electrical pollution or "dirty electricity." The laser frequencies can produce amazing benefits for the body, but the wrong frequencies or electrical signals can devastate it. If you are neurologically switched your energy is basically running backwards. If the energy coming from your wall outlet was running backwards it wouldn't produce much power or electricity. Frequencies from smart meters, Wi-Fi's, cell phones and towers, and electrical appliances are just few of the hidden stressors that affect the body’s electrical system. 


Any named disease, and especially ones involving the neurological system such as ADHD, create higher sensitivities to electrical pollution.  It’s amazing to see how often electricity has a detrimental effect on the body. I frequently test homes and businesses of people who are sick and/or don't feel well and find the electricity has a negative effect on their bodies. 


Have you ever heard of “Schumann Resonances,” or “Earthing?” The earth has natural frequencies that help rebalance your body, reduce inflammation and help neutralize the negative effects of dirty electricity ( Negative emotions also have a devastating effect on the body. The emotions are stored as a program in your subconscious and also your cellular matrix (fascia system). Every emotion, including shocks, surprises, and traumas, are stored in the body. These programs help make up our personality and how we respond and react to stimulus. They can also have a devastating effect on the body, even altering the musculoskeletal system.

Further, each organ (i.e., liver, kidney, gallbladder) has an invisible energetic pathway called the meridian associated with it. If you have long-standing negative emotion, it can affect the performance of the specific organ. For instance, the liver is associated with anger and rage. If you have experienced a lot of anger you can create an imbalance in the liver meridian, which weakens specific muscles corresponding to the meridian. 

The liver is most energetically active between the hours of 1-3 a.m., and you will likely have sleeping issues during this time until you rebalance the liver. Fear affects the kidneys and can set you up for a lifetime of lower back issues because the kidney meridian controls the primary stabilizing muscles of the pelvis, which are the psoas and illiacus. If a client comes in with a chronic lower back issue, the kidney meridian and corresponding muscles are usually what I address first.   


Negative emotions use up a lot of minerals trying to regulate our body's pH. and keep it alkaline. With the Erchonia cold laser we can reprogram those negative emotions and belief systems very quickly from the subconscious and cellular matrix. 


So, how is your energy level and emotional state? Are you feeling the effects of the above-mentioned stressors?

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Todd Borron is a Functional Health Coach and Kinesiology Specialist.  He evaluates every part of the body for stress and checks the functioning.  Dysfunction can be structural, neurological, nutritional, emotional, electrical or increasing toxicity levels, which affect the body. Todd can be reached at or 573-692-0000 and has offices in Lee’s Summit and Overland Park.

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