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Image courtesy of Stephanie Forcier

FEATURE - September 2016 - Kansas City

Experience Mother Nature's Energy in Sacred Sedona 

by Stephanie Forcier


Having the pleasure of journeying to the Southwest, to a sacred spot of amazing energetics with five dear like-hearted friends, pales only in comparison to the vast sacredness held in Sedona, Arizona. However you make it to Sedona, do be certain to add this destination to your bucket list. I have been to Sedona many times and during many phases of personal development and soul awareness. Yet the journey I took to Sedona with my five friends most recently brought with it a whole new appreciation of the powerful energies of Mother Earth that arise, meld with the energies on her crust, and reach with open arms to the Sun.


While Sedona in general is very energetic, there can be various energies to “sort through” upon arrival. As a practice, my friends and I have learned to allow about two days adjusting and discerning – especially for you sensitive, open, empathic souls out there. To experience the depth of Sedona, the true Mother Earth energies, it helps to “work through” the tourist energy, the various spiritual energies, and gain your bearings to support your personal experience. Trust yourself to successfully “feel it out” – this guidance comes from within you.


Once you have your bearings and your inner compass is clear and activated, there are four vortexes that should not be missed! Each vortex has a unique life force and energy. While I’ll share how my friends and I experienced them, I encourage everyone to tune into the vortexes on a personal level to uncover the messages and connection that Mother Earth is co-creating with you.


Our first stop was the Airport Vortex, where we encountered the Masculine energetics of the natural male. The vortex stands proud, confident, grateful and strong, just like a naturally empowered man whose vision is vast. There is a trail that wraps all around the airport. While it is not for the faint of heart, walking the trail can bring great focus. We chose to travel this trail methodically, mindfully, with every step being conscious action. In this way, the masculine came to life within us women. I have never been more grateful to Mother Earth as she was sharing this masculinity for me to experience in my female expression. It felt as if I was transformed into the energy of a proud warrior Chief with the wisdom of the ages.


The next stop in our journey was to the Red Rock Crossing/Cathedral Rock Vortex which held for us the Feminine energetics of the natural female. Earlier visits here found me walking straight up the edge of the mountain – wear good shoes and bring lots of water for this hike! However, my friends and I took the time to enter through Crescent Moon Park area, wind our way through Buddha Beach, and approach Cathedral rock from the West. This vortex is sensitive, yet strong, quiet, yet deafening. The complexity of the feminine permeates through every trail. Exploring these energies and the various hiking trails was relaxing and comforting. We took time to pause more often and tend to our self-care, just like a natural woman honors herself, her physicality, and her expression. We took pause to notice not only the twisted junipers, but the small frog by the river, the color of each stone – diverse and connected.


Third, we agreed to explore Boynton Canyon Vortex, the vortex of balance between masculine and feminine. As we entered Boynton Canyon trail for our hike, we noticed it quickly became straight and even narrow in places, like walking a natural tightrope. This effect encouraged us to bring forth both the masculine and feminine energies of the first two vortexes we explored and dance with them together in our heart-soul essence. To top it off, somewhere in the distance a Native American flute was calling to us with a sweet and intriguing melody. How fortunate we were to have this melody accompany us! Could it get any better? There we were with Mother Earth, perfectly balancing male and female within ourselves and recognizing the co-creative power that the two possess when in harmony. I learned an important lesson that day about how to embrace the natural male and natural female within myself and others. The energy was a strong gentleness, a focused dreamer, an actionable pause. It was all of these seemingly opposite energies combined; it was transcending.


Last, but certainly not least, we took our trip to the Bell Rock Vortex. Bell Rock itself stands red and tall and profound. The Sun radiates off each rock face in the combined energy of masculine, feminine and balance. Wow! The energy hit us immediately after stepping out of the car. As we took the winding trail through these Southwest woods – small twisted trees, bushes, forbs, flowers, succulents and cacti greeted us powerfully. Each had a voice and each was speaking to us energetically. We talked back, we explored, we paused, we were focused and we were aloof. We allowed. Sometime after exploring the woodsy trail, we made our way up the face of Bell Rock itself. We quickly found that getting to the top was not to be the goal. We sat mid-way in a small alcove, immersing in deep, naturally-induced meditation. We conversed with Mother Earth, we enjoyed moments of silence. We put our bodies and faces close to the rocks. We stepped out to the precipice and faced the wind.


Each vortex was alive and communicated with us in profound and unique ways. We were taken by how much wisdom and knowledge we gained, just by showing up, by allowing the energies to flow within us. Mother Earth speaks and communes with us in many places, but Sedona is one of the locations that certainly holds a special place in her heart. I hope you enjoy taking your journey there!


For a wonderful Sedona vortex map:

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Stephanie Forcier has over 13 years of experience working with metaphysics and the exploration of the soul. Currently, Stephanie enjoys offering her clients “infinity” sessions. She is an infinite explorer and relishes connecting with the true creation of the Universe and knows this infinite connection is within each of us. Stephanie actively offers events, workshops, blogs and personal sessions. Her new website is: To contact Stephanie:, 816-260-2438 or Facebook

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