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July Featured Health & Wellness Products

Click below to learn more about this month's featured products. 


Our editorial team independently selects and reviews each product we feature. If you make a purchase using the links included, we may earn commission.



nuJo is a prebiotic superfood made from 100% organic ingredients. nuJo is your energy coffee alternative. If coffee and tea had a baby and it was all good for you, that would be nuJo! nuJo was born out of a quest for a healthy alternative to cafe mocha and grew to become an amazing prebiotic superfood drink. Delicious hot or iced, this small-batch, hand-crafted drink nourishes mind, body, and soul. All ingredients are 100% organic superfoods, including roasted chicory & quinoa combined with orange peel, allspice, & cloves. The 100% organic MCT coconut oil also provides the perfect finish with a soothing mouthfeel and fullness to the blend, taking it beyond tea. 


Price: $10.00 - $60.00


Tea with Tae

Herbal, Black, Green, Chai, Rooibos, Oolong - No matter how you take your tea, Tea With Tae is the craftiest way to sample favorites and find a few new ones as well. Create a box or choose from the preset curated collection. All tea is available in tea-pyramid sachet bags that are biodegradable.


The new ZYN Daily Wellness Drink Mixes are an on-the-go solution for a variety of wellness benefits: rapid recovery from workouts, gut health, hydration as well as an immunity boost (something we could all use these days). Just like its ready-made bottled counterparts, the powder packs offer the same great-tasting formula that harnesses the power of curcumin. Add water and mix to refuel, rehydrate, repair, and recharge. It’s what your body needs for post-workout recovery.


Price: The powder mixes are sold in packs of 8 ($12.99), 20 ($29.99), and 36 ($49.99) 



Microboost Front 3d render.png
BEAM-Minerals Micro-BOOST

Health Practitioners know that a healthy gut microbiome is the cornerstone of good health. Absorption and assimilation of nutrients, as well as the detoxification of unwanted elements, are key components of creating homeostasis in the gut. The cellular system and the enzymes that run the body, need minerals as cofactors for many operations. The body does not produce minerals and we are unable to get enough minerals from the foods we eat. BEAM-Minerals’ Micro-BOOST™ makes it easy to supplement your minerals. With its unique ionized liquid format, Micro-BOOST™️ provides 100% bioavailable electrolytes and trace minerals which can be immediately utilized by the body. It’s nearly flavorless and easy to consume.

Price: $39.95

Your Oil Tools

For your home, family, meals, and self-care, essential oils are proven to make your life healthier and better than life without them. Your Oil Tools provides you with the supplies you need for your own brand of essential oils and tools to create your own blends or your own diffuser to improve your overall well-being. They also offer recipe books and aroma bracelets, plus thousands of essential oil “essentials” that allow you to create and wear the scent that speaks to you!

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