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FEATURE - August 2018

Feed Yourself with Care

By Natasha Bailey


Self-care can be tough. I’m usually at the bottom of the list when it comes to taking care of it all.


The political climate we are currently immersed in can be taxing and fear inducing on so many levels that I have made it my mission to perform more rituals of self care.


For one of these rituals, I  might search for the last piece of chocolate remaining in my house, allowing it to slowly and deliciously melt in my mouth...thereby soothing my cravings for peace and harmony.


A wise friend once told me: “I know exactly who you are. You’re a healer, you’re a giver, you care about other people. You spend so much time helping others that sometimes you forget that it’s just as important to give that same love, care, and adoration to yourself.”  


Do these words sound familiar to you? For me the thought of self-care can be daunting, but this weekend, I found a new ritual in which I can regularly indulge—I cut through the fog and set out on a journey to get to know my local farmer. I also found that when I eat better everything in my life feels better.


Step One: 

Get to your local Farmers Market. By going to the local farmers and buying their wares you are supporting local agriculture and economy.


Buying local encourages seasonal eating, cheaper organic produce, great variety and impeccable flavors.


Step Two: 
Eat what you want!


So many of us get stuck in food trends and fad diets. Eat what you want, listen to your body and eat what makes you feel nourished and whole. Your diet is in your hands. Stigma-free and nutritious eating can help you on your journey. You are beautiful no matter what the scale says.


Eat everything in moderation except water. Drink as much water as your body requires. Being hydrated is one of the first things we forget about; but, it is imperative to loving yourself and feeling your best.


Step Three: 

Put your money where your heart is—buying local empowers you as a consumer. Supporting local farmers means supporting your community while reducing the footprint it takes to get your food to the dinner table.


Eating locally and naturally can help reduce the use of pesticides and herbicides used in growing your foods. This benefits your health, as well as the climate, the environment and our food and water supplies.


Step Four:

Enjoy the connectivity that comes with taking care of yourself


Buying from local producers encourages important personal connections within our community. We can learn so much about each other.


What a joy it is to talk with a local farmer about their particular varieties of greens, to learn from another farmer about a new way to protect your tomatoes during heavy rains, or to discuss a new law that may have passed that will affect our local food supply.


The connections that come from these interactions make our lives so much happier, healthier, and more beautiful.


I hope that I am leaving you with some tangible advice that is easy to be put into action to assure that you are looking out for yourself. Self care can be fun and is a necessity, because we all need that bit of greatness that only you can contribute to the world. Let it shine while enjoying the process.




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Natasha Bailey is a mom, cheese connoisseur and lover of all things local. Find her on Instagram: @eatablekc.



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