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Life Hacking into Frequency Medicine

By Mia Rosado


Have you been noticing that everything has to do with frequencies lately? It’s a buzzword for sure. With all that is available to us at this time In the way of healing and clearing, we can get down to brass tacks with our evolution and self-development. Since 1880 much knowledge has become known about Hertz and how it's a natural healing universal gift. It’s not a new concept but it’s becoming more mainstream. There are these three machines called the Rife machine, the Time Waver, and the Life machine that seemed to start most of this frequency evolution checking off big issues for people. They were always so large, not easily portable and you had to go find one, out of a handful of obscure practitioners to receive their benefits. These treatments sometimes needed to be done several times a day to be effective. 


Frequency Music is all over YouTube with specific frequencies and videos to work to balance and harmonize you, and your space and ultimately clear your subconscious from what's blocking you in areas of your life. From Germany, Japan, China, and the US, we are seeing incredibly advanced devices that are coming to the states. Using Hertz, vibrational frequencies, these devices have biofeedback that anyone can utilize to heal what they're trying to deliver.

Over 22 years ago I found myself in a very painful situation where I was bedridden due to inflammation in my spine. My doctors didn't know what was wrong with me after extensive testing. That’s when I became aware of a practitioner that was using the Time Waver. She got such accurate information within seconds of me holding a copper rod that was attached to her computer. It had a smaller metal plate where she charged water to put frequencies to give my body what it needed to counteract what was making me allergic to Tofu! The machine told her that! It used the frequency of herbs, homeopathic remedies, flowers, and other organics to mimic vibrations to make me better in hours. I went into her practically crippled and came out with a bottle in my hand that had me pain-free in about 4 to 5 hours. I was so impressed that I became her apprentice for four years after that but couldn't afford the $20K for the machine.

Two years ago I found myself on a trip not feeling my best with some girlfriends who had a Healy device. They said it was a grade 2 Medical device approved by the FDA and it had all three of the machines I just mentioned in a little matchbox-sized delivery device.  I couldn't wait to do a "Resonance analysis" because I had uncomfortable thyroid issues. The Healy did a scan of my body told me that one of the first of my top five issues was Thyroid and started sending me frequencies I needed. I put this little Square and clipped it to my shirt. It was very convenient.  I didn’t have to think about it as I went on my trip. My thyroid nodules have shrunk considerably and are not an issue for me any longer, if you were wondering, I bought one!


No article like this can go without mentioning Tesla a few times, The Godfather of most things electromagnetic.  Healy went there when putting two Tesla coils together to make a new way you can get your Healy program delivered from outside your Aura to your insides.  It's also the best way to send your Aunt frequencies she needs for pain in Korea or anywhere else you want to send digital nutrition programs, stem cell growing sessions or Alaskan gem elixirs for behaviors the Healy is resonating with is for you. You can stand in as a proxy for anyone, even an animal, plant, building, organization, or vehicle in the Quantum field and they will still receive!


Frequency programs in the Healy include taking a glance at your aura health by looking at your specific chakras and how they're showing up at that time. It gets very specific. It can also record a frequency of an event that you may want to feel again. Like that exuberating experience, you had at Burning Man that you want to feel again and again. All you have to do is record it at the festival and you can give it to yourself for any amount of time. Think of the possibilities! If you record the frequency of an herb or combination of herbs that you need in specific doses, these can be administered with the push of a button on your phone. Everything has a frequency, so if you get it in your Healy, think of the money you'll save. What's incredible is they've collected over 880,000 frequency combinations from practitioners around the world. There’s even more that can do making it a huge bang for your buck!


Healy's newest device, the MagHealy makes a magnetic toroidal field in your home or where ever you bring it to help direct the vibrations to change the atmosphere to what kinds of harmony and coherence you choose it to be. You can charge your water with what you want it to be charged with. It has special programs that are well known for dual-band frequencies that work towards emotional balance that Carolyn McMakin, an American Dr. studied for years.


My mother has non-Diabetic Neuropathy and had a wound on her leg for over two years. We were so frustrated as a family that she wasn’t seeing any results from going to the four doctors over that time. It was just getting bigger and deeper because they were just debriding making it worse. I decided I had to take things into my own hands and with what they were saying, she had no circulation in her legs, not enough to make the blood flow matter to bring healing to this gaping wound. I had heard about the German Bemer device for a few years now from practitioners in town (like Rosie M. at the Colon Care Center and Dr. Ron Logan, Iridologist) before and decided to try it on her. It has a whole body mat that sends a particular frequency wave of throughout your body for microcirculation, reduces inflammation by making new avenues for circulation to increase blood flow, which increases oxygen and gets out toxins as you used to when you were young. It's working for her! If it didn't, they would have to amputate eventually.  This is a great reason for me to have gratitude!


Bemer is used on most ambulances in Europe to regulate circulation for heart patients as well as other patients that have inflammation and pain. NASA uses it in astronaut suits to regulate circulation and inflammation during flights outside the planet. It’s endorsed by the NFL for athletes to have a better return on their body after using it so vigorously throughout the day as well as pain and inflammation.  They have an Equine unit used for Horses. My dog absolutely loves it too, she's always on your lap when it turns on and we notice her joint pain is better!


Red light therapy is a whole other frequency with multiple uses. Red light frequency wavelength has been making huge strides in healing wounds, Sleep, Muscle Recovery, Skin issues, Inflammation, Joint Pain, and bigger illnesses for over 30 years in Germany. 


I couldn’t go without mentioning the iTera Wand for its Blue Light frequency therapy. This is the newest of devices I've heard about.  It uses its frequency to promote cells back to health, going deep in the body to remove damaged cells, pain and so so much more! It has 2 models that look like something out of Dr. Who and I hear the deluxe model is supreme! China, Japan, and the US are making this self-care device. It's proclaimed Terahertz is said to be one top 10 Technologies that will change the world! Blow on Blue Light!


 Music was always set to 432 Hertz up until the 1950s when War scientists decided that 432 Hz was not good for humans, so it was changed to  440 Hz. which was more irritating to the human. But in all truth, 432 Hz brings more Harmony to us and that’s why meditation music is tuned to 432 Hz. It’s all a matter of tuning your instruments and that is why James Rider of Lee’s Summit, Missouri had his Handpan tuned to 432 Hz specifically when he ordered it for his beautiful new album that Came out 8/22 last month called the Subtle Waves by his one-man band,  The Emperor and the Sea.  James has played with "Community as Medicine'' which consists of Amy Renee Krause and Pauly Sutoris, who are healers, Shaman in their own right.  All three use several hertz-specific vibrational instruments to do ongoing sound immersion around KC to relax and heal people. Crystal bowls and pyramids, digeridoos, and special Japanese bells, called Koshi chimes are a few of the instruments they use. These healing facilitators get continually rave reviews from people about how relaxed they feel as if they had a massage or better in some cases. Angelika L. of Wellington, MO reported that at one of their concerts,  they had a drum on both sides of her head, her ear infection that was getting very bad was gone the next day. She continued to go to all their concerts she could get to and had more energies clear, some physical, some emotional she says.


In the publication Science Direct, it says that human DNA is sensitive to music and its relative frequencies to the point that it even can be reprogrammed through them. In fact, by subjugating stem cells to various frequencies it has been possible to modify their natural organic function. It also states that a study suggests that music tuned to 432 Hz can be used as a remedy for anxiety and pain in dental treatment. (1)


Tony Robbins and David Avocado Wolf and other well-known people you respect for their successes in life are users of Quantum Sound Therapy devices in their homes and carriers of the "Om pocket" size version around as well.  These subconscious clearing devices utilize Divine Scalar Tesla coils to create a round-the-clock field of peace, coherence, and healing.


Frequencies are transmitted through sound and scalar in a field of stimulated noble gases in order to create a peaceful and clear "sanctuary" space, to ensure deep, restful sleep, repattern subconscious blocks and limitations, awaken the third eye, and unleash focus, concentration, and genius. The human is immersed in a field of uplifting coherence, sacred geometry, crystalline energy, and specific frequencies designed for balance and resonance with enhanced potential, love, and consciousness. Personalized sound programs are created based upon a person's voice, and those are updated weekly to provide continual growth and support as one naturally evolves. This transmission method bypasses subconscious egoic resistance and provides multi-modality stimulation and corrective interference directly to the subtle bodies while updating the entire energetic blueprint. Quantum Sound Therapy was created and evolved with the intention to help humans release fear, develop greater efficacy, and expand coherence and soul potential.


I personally love this organization because they are so generous with their no-cost online classes/seminars and give you their clearing tracks.  They want to see all of humanity clear out the negative stuff in their subconscious. You should hear the reviews of how it works for people!  Robert Lloy who recently passed was the quantum pioneer and conscious architect that developed most of this. He later met Helena Reilly who co-created their Quantum sound systems. Helena was already using sound frequency in clinical sessions before she met Robert in 2002. She’s an incredible intuitive empath and has such a passion to hack humanities needs to transform that she’s devoted her life to it. What they have is pretty in-depth, it takes a while to grasp all that I can do for you. On their website, it says, “Scalar technology is your shortcut to true harmony, so take it!” They believe that they have hacked the code to push humanity forward and I believe them.

Simply put, there’s a lot to explore in the way of vibrational healing devices for every part of us, our animals, and our atmosphere. It can be as easy as listening to 540Hz Music to bring in Joy and clear the Fear (100hz) When I said brass tacks in the intro, I meant heart studded.  So let's keep at evolution/ developing into our crystalline selves.  It's good to get all the help you can. I hope you get to hack some part of your life and figure out for yourself that suffering is not necessary.



(1)Science Direct -Music Tuned to 440 Hz Versus 432 Hz and the Health Effects: A Double-blind Cross-over Pilot Study; Volume 15, Issue 4, July–August 2019, Pages 283-290




Mia Rosado has been studying frequency Medicine for over 20 years.  Used the Time Waver and Life Machine in a clinical setting.  She lives in Lee's Summit, MO. She's an Ordained Priestess, teacher of Esoteric knowledge, Tarot reader, using a plethora of modalities. Has a group called "The Wild Women Collective, is a color and energy artist that has had her art jewelry in The Museum of Modern Art in NY & the Kemper Museum.  Currently showing her Paintings at Blue Koi in Mission Farms till the end of September. (816) 686-7714 to ask about anything in the article.

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