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Multi-Platform Advertising


  • Print publication (approx. 42,500 readership) distributed to more than 250 locations throughout the Metro, plus distributed at events 

  • Interactive website with more than 3,500 visits per month. Includes an online edition of the magazine with live links, live articles and an interactive directory.

  • Online publication hosted by with an additional 3,000 monthly readership

  • Social media: Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Tumblr 

  • Coming soon: Evolving Review radio show 

Online Advertising Options:

1.  Holistic Online Directory 



Impact Listing

$450.00 per year 

Includes company profile plus

display advertisement beneath listing.

Company Profile

$250.00 per year

Includes description of

  • product/service

  • address

  • contact info

  • map

  • link to website and social media

  • logo or picture

Video Showcase

$700.00 per year 

Includes company profile

  • impact listing

  • a video

Company Profile

Video Showcase

Getting on the Holistic Online Directory is Easy...

Email the following information to Jill Dutton.


  • Choose your Listing:  Company Profile, Impact Listing, or Video Showcase

  • Choose your catagory:  Alternative Healing, Counseling, Education, Energy Work, Holistic Health, Hypnosis, Intuitive Advisor, Life Coach, Meditation, Nutrition and Wellness, Pets, Shamanism, Spiritual Growth, or Yoga

  • Describe your product or service  (maximum 300 words)

  • Contact information: include address, phone, email, website and social media addresses

  • Logo or Picture

  • Display Ad (for Impact Listings only)

  • Link to Video (for Video Showcase ad's only)

"@evolvingmag Loving the new website and online magazine! Now I can never miss an article! :) ♥"


 “I’m looking at this BEAUTIFUL online directory!! I see the deadline is 11/5, so I need to throw something together.”

--Voice message from an advertiser

2. Banner Advertising


Website Box Ad

$250 per month

(300px x 250px) Discount rate: 6x-$1425, 12x-$2700 


Skyscraper Ad

$350 per month

(160px x 600px) Discount rate: 6x-$1995, 12x $3780

3. eNewsletter Ads


Display ad

$150 per month 


Featured Event

$50 per month




4. Online Editorial

Online Editorial—for a fee of $100 we’ll run your article (must fit within our editorial style and guidelines) on the homepage for one month. While the article must still contain the editorial integrity outlined in the writer’s guidelines, you have more space for the bio to contain promotional material and links to outside websites. These articles will NOT publish in the print edition of the magazine.

  • Wix Facebook page
  • Wix Twitter page
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