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FEATURE - March 2018

Get Well by Getting Rid of Toxins

by Dr. Lynda Gammal


In 1974, the World Health Organization stated that environmental toxins create approximately 84 percent of all chronic diseases.  Cellular toxicity is one of the major epidemics of this lifetime and remains an underlying cause of numerous chronic health issues. People have the problems of being unable to lose weight, can’t sleep, brain fog, low energy, pain, hormonal issues, and just don’t feel well overall despite doing everything right. This is because of what is happening at the cellular level. Toxins make their way to the cell and drive cellular inflammation. A 2004 Time magazine article stated that Cellular inflammation is the secret killer and the cause of most of our chronic disease like diabetes, autoimmune, cancer, heart disease, Alzheimer’s and many more.


You cannot get well without the perfect diet, but the perfect diet alone is not going to get you well. The key to getting well today is to find the cause and remove it. The number one cause is toxins because they bind to the cell membrane which affects cell function. Because of the tremendous exposure that we have to toxins today, our systems are being overwhelmed and accumulating in our cells.


Toxins are binding to our cell membranes and causing cellular inflammation which damages the receptors, so now your hormones can’t get their message into the cell and you won’t feel well. What is scary about that is that your blood work will look normal, and your doctor will tell you that you should fell well. The reason people don’t feel well and have many symptoms is because there is a problem with the cell. To get well you must fix the cell, but importantly you must detox the cell because that is what is driving the problem, and it is epidemic today. However, what most people are doing to detox is not working because the cell is not being addressed.


There is one toxin that is ubiquitous in the environment and causing many chronic diseases.  It is in the air we breathe, the water, our food and, yes, even in vaccines. It is the active ingredient in the weed killer Round-up called glyphosate. Glyphosate causes leaky gut and brain and it binds our necessary minerals causing them to leave the body. It also binds heavy metals and other toxins, driving them to the brain. Once in the brain, these toxins don’t want to come out and will continue to cause damage by causing cellular inflammation. This is why you need a system in place that is safe and effective and should never be done without the supervision of a trained practitioner.


Most detoxes on the market are only addressing the drainage pathways like the liver, gut and kidneys. They also use weak binders that cause re-distribution and auto-intoxication. While these drainage pathways must be open, it will not create lasting results. True detox must be done at the cellular level so the cell can function and start doing what it was designed to do. You must have a proven system in place to safely get toxins not only out of the cell but all the way out of the body, or detox can become dangerous.


True Detox is comprised of three components and three phases and is shown in the diagram. For the components you must up-regulate cell function (the 5R’s of fixing the cell), open the downstream pathways (liver, kidneys, and gut), and use true binders so you don’t cause re-distribution of toxins or auto-intoxication.


The three phases are:

Step One - The Prep Phase: You must first up-regulate cell function to get the cell doing what it is supposed to do while you support the downstream pathways. You never detox a sick cell.

Step-Two - The Body Phase: Get easy to grab toxins from the body and set up a concentration gradient which sets you up for the most important step.

Step Three – The Brain Phase: This is where you go after the deeper toxins, and studies have shown this is where most of the toxins are accumulating and causing health problems. The toxins especially like the hypothalamus and the pituitary gland, both of which affect the entire hormonal system.


True Detox takes time and must be done slowly and must take into account other health issues that the person may have. If there are toxins, and we are all toxic, the immune system is compromised and more likely there also pathogens. You will need to work between pathogen and heavy metal detoxes. Only a practitioner trained in True Detox will be able to know how to proceed, and that will be different for each person.


There is a detox protocol that people use that is very called IV chelation. True binders are used, but they have a short half-life and will start mobilizing toxins. However, before they can get all the way out of the body, the chelator is gone and the toxins re-distribute.


Many of the toxins that we are exposed to are neurotoxins causing many neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Autism and many more. If you want to prevent and reverse chronic disease, the proper detox is not optional anymore. It is a necessity because of the toxic world in which we now live.

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Dr. Lynda Gammal, owner of Restore Health Naturally, is a functional medicine practitioner who specializes in True Cellular Detox and Healing. She helps people overcome chronic health conditions. Contact information: and 785-566-8334. Free strategy sessions to determine your toxicity level and a toxin exposure article are available.

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