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National Gardening Day is April 14

Spring into the season with these newly released books

The easiest first step towards greater self-sufficiency is growing your own fruits and vegetables and the new book THE MODERN HOMESTEAD GARDEN (March, 2021 from Cool Springs Press) is the perfect guide. Gary Pilarchik of The Rusted Garden walks you step-by-step through the process of building a homestead garden, from laying out the planting beds, nurturing the soil, and starting seeds, straight through to cooking and preserving the harvest. With Gary’s guidance, you’ll move at your own pace, learn, share, and enjoy the journey as you slowly transform your home into an edible landscape.

Buy it on The Modern Homestead Garden: Growing Self-sufficiency in Any Size Backyard: Pilarchik, Gary: 9780760368176: Books


Whether you’re a new or seasoned gardener, author and garden pro Susan Mulvihill shows you how to handle pest issues by growing healthier plants, properly identifying the culprit, and nurturing the overall ecosystem of the garden. With easy-to-use charts, you’ll learn how to identify common vegetable garden pests based on both the damage they cause and their physical appearance.


With The Vegetable Garden Pest Handbook you’ll learn how to:

  • Get rid of squash bugs with minimal effort

  • Screen out root maggots

  • Keep cutworms at bay

  • Nurture the good bugs that help control tomato hornworms

  • Tackle an infestation of mites, thrips, or whiteflies

  • Send cucumber beetles packing

  • Limit cabbage worms with a simple, inexpensive trick

  • Learn about the best earth-friendly product controls for home vegetable gardeners

Buy it on The Vegetable Garden Pest Handbook: Identify and Solve Common Pest Problems on Edible Plants - All Natural Solutions!: Mulvihill, Susan: 9780760370063: Books

Even beginners become successful fruit "farmers" with the techniques and advice offered by author Christy Wilhelmi, the force behind the popular gardening website, Gardenerd. Selecting the best small-scale fruit trees, bushes, vines, and plants for your climate, siting them properly, and pruning your compact trees for health and productivity are some of the many topics covered in the pages of this bible of small-space fruit growing.


With modern, dwarf varieties, and help from Grow Your Own Mini Fruit Garden, a healthy, high-yielding garden filled with fruit-producing plants is possible—even in the smallest of yards. Now, anyone can turn an urban, suburban, or rural garden into a fruit factory.

Buy it on Grow Your Own Mini Fruit Garden: Planting and Tending Small Fruit Trees and Berries in Gardens and Containers: Wilhelmi, Christy: 9780760370261: Books


Grow Bag Gardening by Kevin Espiritu is the revolutionary way to grow bountiful vegetables, herbs, fruits, and flowers in lightweight, eco-friendly fabric pots.


Grow bag gardening is a real game-changer: grow bags are eco-friendly and lightweight, they’re perfect for urban, container, rooftop, and balcony/patio gardeners – and they’ll work in any size yard. They’re versatile, fold flat for easy storage and are frost-proof – and there’s no lugging heavy pots indoors for the winter. Who can use grow bag gardening? Everyone! From school gardens to urban homesteads, everyone has room to grow their own veggies in a grow bag garden.

Buy it on Grow Bag Gardening: The Revolutionary Way to Grow Bountiful Vegetables, Herbs, Fruits, and Flowers in Lightweight, Eco-friendly Fabric Pots - Perfect ... Gardens, Balconies & Rooftops. Grow Anywhere!: Espiritu, Kevin: 9780760368688: Books

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