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REVELATIONS - January 2019

Help! My Child is Psychic. Now What?


By Christi Clemons Hoffman


Many families are understandably concerned about, even fearful of, their child's emerging psychic or sensory abilities. With no frame of reference, this realm is uncharted territory. 

While most parents are not prepared to deal with it, the good news is that this situation is more common than you might think. If you family is having issues of a spiritual or energetic nature and you are new to this, keep these things in mind. 


Don’t panic!! All children are special and unique and have innate gifts in different areas – music, sports, art, and so on. Having a spiritual gift is just another talent, and sensing energies and spirits is perfectly natural. We’re all born psychically “open” and sensitive, to a degree. 


Provide comfort. Know that kids can learn to safely manage their gifts and gain discernment – the ability to distinguish between different kinds of energies and intentions. Reassure your child that there are useful things they can do if they or others are frightened by these abilities. Remind them that you are here to help, and that you will support them. Refer to Number 10 for more information on the safe use of these abilities.


Mind your energy. Remember that your child is sensitive and reacts to your fear, anxiety, or frustration. Children look to their parents for signals, and sensitive children unconsciously absorb and mirror our emotions. For these reasons, it’s important for you to deal with your own emotions and practice good self-care. 


Don’t “spotlight”. You may be proud of your child’s abilities, but most kids usually don’t want that information to be shared, or worse, to be asked to “perform” for others. Instead, seek to understand how they feel. Are they confident in their abilities? Do they want to share about them with others? Sensitive kids typically feel different already and may fear being bullied because of it their unique abilities. Do all you can to let your child know that they and their gifts are normal.  


Take your cues from your child. Allow your child to tell you if they want to develop their gifts. Doing so may be exciting and interesting for the family, but may be overwhelming, confusing, and possibly frightening for your child. If they want to develop their abilities, seek a teacher who has experience in this area. There is a lot of confusing information out there.


Don’t ask for readings. Resist the temptation to ask your child to “see” for you or others, either formally or informally. This puts a child in the awkward position of advising adults and gives them more responsibility than they should have. Know that just because your child sees spirits or angels, it doesn’t mean they see them the same way that professional mediums do. And just because a child is psychic doesn’t mean that they can tell if a place is haunted. Every intuitive is different.


Help your child  practice good self-care. A hungry, tired, or overstimulated child will be more vulnerable. Happy, healthy kids are more protected from spiritual and/or others’ energies.


Establish good boundaries. Teach your child respect for self and for others. Healthy boundaries provide good energetic protection.


Trust the intuition. If your child has a bad feeling about a place or person, honor it. Certain places and people carry negative energy and emotion, which may make your child feel ill or anxious. That doesn’t mean that this person or place is “bad” – just that it’s not a good energetic match for your child. That said, do check out any strong hunches you or your child may have about people, locations, or situations, and do your due diligence.


Help your child use these gifts safely. If your child has a difficult time turning off their gifts or using discernment, help them set up some basic protections. When the “light” is on, all the bugs come – the helpful ones and the pests. Lower-level spirits are mired in ego and only serve themselves; they have the easiest time communicating when the “light” is on.


Parents need to know that while there is nothing that can truly harm a child, sensitive children often feel anxiety, which can lead to physical and emotional symptoms. There are many things they can do to feel better and stay safe. Invoke the names of Jesus, God, or any archangels or ascended masters they feel drawn to. Use crystals, carry icons or medals of saints. Be careful, though, of dependence on amulets or talismans, which can be forgotten or lost. Children are powerful enough to call in protection all by themselves.


Maintain healthy and positive expectations. Most sensitive kids won’t be professional psychics or healers. They will be coders, plumbers, hairdressers – everyday jobs done by regular people who happen to exhibit a heightened spiritual connection. And that’s what they came here to do – achieve homo spiritus, the next evolution of homo sapiens. This is much greater accomplishment than a cool party trick.


Let your kid be a kid! All children should be accepted and loved for who they are.


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Christi Clemons Hoffman is a lifelong intuitive who serves as a “sherpa” for spiritual seekers, empaths, and parents of sensitive children. Christi is a Level II QHHT practitioner, Introspective Hypnosis practitioner, Reiki Master, certified Akashic Records reader, and trained medical intuitive. She lives in beautiful Kansas City, Missouri, with her Crystal child daughter, two cats, and one very spoiled dog. For more information about Christi, visit Angels’ Guidance with Christi Clemons Hoffman on Facebook.


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