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FEATURE - May 2016

How to Create Conscious 

Thought Patterns for a Better Life

by Priestess Kim Macy


Thoughts create our reality. The perception through which we view the world, the labels we apply to our feelings and emotions, the categories in which we place our life experiences and relationships, all add up to our personal experience of reality. The question is: What do we want to experience? This becomes challenging when we experience situations we definitely do not want. It can leave us feeling powerless, lost, and confused.


I’ve run the gauntlet of potentially crushing life challenges. A few years ago, my sweet older brother, my childhood hero, hung himself. He survived, but it broke our family down as he chose a reality few of us could understand. None of it made any sense. Worst of all, I couldn’t help him. Here I was, a spiritual counselor, a supportive guide for so many souls on this planet, and I couldn’t help my own brother. What was the point? If I can’t help the ones I love the most, what good am I? What do I know? Nothing.


I spiraled down, feeling too much, thinking too much and just wanting to escape from all of it. My faith in God, my faith in the unconditional love and support, guidance and wisdom God has for me, served as the bedrock beyond which I could fall no further. I went to my knees daily, praying for help, crying out to God to show me, guide me, teach me. I kept hearing, “Healer, heal thyself,” and I sought healing. I received energy medicine, spiritual counseling, spoke to a medium, walked the labyrinth. Slowly, slowly, I came out of the shadows of my grief and pain, stronger, wiser, and more equipped to help others navigate their suffering.


And then…


I found out that my baby boy had been molested by the daughter of a close friend. My son’s behavior had changed so drastically that I knew something was wrong. He wouldn’t nap anymore, he was no longer potty trained, he couldn’t sleep at night. Once we found out what happened, a chain of events set into motion that changed my life forever. My intimate tribe of women crumbled as people took sides and got gobbled up by the confusion of loyalty and betrayal. I RAGED. I raged at God, raged at myself for not seeing it, raged at his innocence being stripped away while I stood by, feeling absolutely helpless. But because I survived my brother’s suicide attempt, I now had the tools to survive this horror.


How do we survive these challenges? How can we consciously create our lives in the face of such tragedy and loss? By consciously choosing our thoughts. The very thoughts that take us into the depths of pain also have the power to bring us into the joy and pleasure this earthly existence has to offer. Here is my tried-and-true method of Creating Conscious Thought Patterns:


  1. Set Intention. Harness the magical, powerful field of Intention where all possibilities reside. What do you want? What do you need? INTEND IT. Simply write, “I intend….” and outline your desires.

  2. Direct Your Thoughts. When you find yourself running a thought pattern that doesn’t support you, give your mind something else to do. Consciously pull all energy to the present moment and narrate what is right in front of you. Keep your mind occupied by running these neutral patterns and it will forget to run shame, guilt, and regret.

  3. Engage the Energy. I imagine a golden coil of light spiraling over the top of my head and I continue running that spiral of energy around my head, my neck, shoulders, all the way around my entire body until I feel peace. I connect to Divine Love through sunshine, trees, the beauty in nature.  

  4. Get Support. The number one human need is to connect and belong, but for some reason, in this culture, we isolate. We hide. We don’t want anyone to know that we are struggling. We all need help making it through this CrazyTown called Life! There is a confidential, 24-hour prayer hotline called Silent Unity (816) 969-2000. You can call them with any life challenge and their prayer team holds your prayer request in their care for 30 days. It makes a HUGE difference. Look for places offering spiritual support and use your inner feelings as a guide for which ones support your soul journey.

  5. Check for glitches. If you are manifesting something other than what you intend, that’s letting you know that there is a glitch in the matrix. Something needs to be adjusted and usually, it’s your personal vibration. Do you truly believe you are worthy of receiving what you want? Do you believe it’s really possible? Are you running thoughts that are contrary to what you say you believe and who you say you are? The only person you hurt by buying into your own illusion is you. Ask yourself what these conflicts and challenges are here to teach you. Every conflict, every struggle, all pain is a messenger. What is the message?

  6. Walk in Alignment. You can say “I am abundant” all day long but if you flinch when spending $300 for a workshop, there’s a glitch. This is a fine line. On the one hand, I am not advising that you throw money around, believing in abundance, then winding up broke as a joke! But all the affirmations in the world cannot help you if you are constantly in fear or worry or lack. Lack Consciousness is a killer of Magical Manifestation. Because at the foundation, you don’t actually believe in the abundance of the universe if you cringe every time you spend money.


The base of understanding that the Law of Attraction exists is only the beginning of learning to manifest. The real work is in mining limiting thought patterns for information about where you are out of alignment with the blessings that are flowing to you. You can do it! I have faith in your ability to manifest your reality with conscious thought. 

Kim Macy is a spiritual counselor in private practice in Overland Park, Kansas. Her passion is in assisting people as they navigate their soul’s journey with conscious thought and awareness of their soul purpose, expressing their light and wisdom gained by facing the shadow of life challenges. For more information, please visit (816) 510-4391. 

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