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REVELATIONS - June 2017 - Kansas City

How to Incorporate Crystals into Your Daily Life

By Mary Shannon


Crystals are a ubiquitous staple in metaphysical and new-age stores and now they are coming to chain stores across the country. You can even find them in some health food stores next to the essential oils and incense. More and more, people are learning about the beneficial effects of these stones, not to mention their beauty.


Once you are convinced that you want to start incorporating crystals into your life, what do you do next? How can you use the vibrational energy of these stones to improve your daily life? What do you actually do with these pretty stones?


Carry Small Stones

You know those small stones that are usually in bowls at metaphysical stores but you may also remember them from museum gift stores from when you were a kid—those are pocket stones, little crystals that you can easily place, guess where…in your pocket. 


Pocket stones are an economical way to break into the crystal world. These stones usually only cost a few dollars and are easy to acquire. You can simply pick out a few stones that you feel drawn to and carry them in your pocket to help their vibrational energy influence you throughout the day. 


In addition to your pocket, these stones also work nicely to help boost the vibration of your cars or any physical location. When you get stressed out in traffic jams, picking up a small piece of rose quartz may help to calm you and allow those loving vibrations to move through your body.


Meditate with Crystals

Another way you can utilize those small pocket stones, or the bigger palm stones, is to hold the stones you feel drawn to during your standard meditation practice. Meditating with the stones will also allow you to start to open up and feel the different energies or vibrations that these stones carry. Simply concentrate on the stones and see what happens!


If you use a mala or prayer beads during your meditation practice, you can also incorporate the energy of crystals through these pieces. These items have become popular with crystal fanatics, and you can find almost any variety of crystal you are looking for made into a mala.


Crystal Jewelry

One of my favorite ways to incorporate the energy of crystals into my life is through jewelry. You can find crystals in necklaces, earnings, bracelets, rings, and even cuff links. When you wear a crystal, it allows their energy to be with you throughout the day.


You probably already have some popular crystals in your jewelry box. Do you have a necklace made with rubies?  You can wear that to help increase your sense of feminine power. How about birth stone ring that your grandma gave you? The stone likely has some helpful vibrations that you can bring into your life.


Crystals as Home Decor

A fun way to brighten up the aesthetics and atmosphere of any room is by placing larger crystals as decorative pieces. These crystals do not need to cost a fortune.  Even if you are not near a new-age shop, you can now find them at many home stores.  Just take a stroll through the decorative section of your favorite store and see if you can find large chunks of amethyst or agate for sale.


I have found that even having a small bowl of pocket stones in the bathrooms will help to bring up the energy and add some flair to a sometimes forgotten space. You can stick with one type of crystal or mix it up with your favorite colors. See if your guests compliment your new decorating style the next time they stop by.


Whether you are drawn to small crystals or big crystals, you can find a place to incorporate them and their soothing energies into your life!

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Mary Shannon is a psychic intuitive whose ultimate goal is to help you see the light within. She specializes in email readings and has an international client base from the United Kingdom to Singapore. You can find her work at

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