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Heart and Business - March 2016 - Santa Fe

How to Radically Transform Your Business with Courage

By Heather Robertson


Historically, courage has been referenced as bravery, heroism, or one with valor. Modern day courage, however, isn’t to help you survive in the wild, although sometimes our world feels wild, or protect you from animals--modern day courage is essential for endurance with professional endeavors.


Business is both wonderful and challenging. There are days of brilliance and days of challenge that can go as far as questioning the decision for the business or the professional advancement in the first place. To realize our dreams, courage is primary, and courage has no power unless it is directed with focus.


Choosing how to make money in the world is nothing short of extraordinary.


It reflects our values, our direction, and our beliefs. Our professional lives ask nothing less of us than courage and acceptance. Our livelihoods are always transforming weather it's a new position, higher profit margins, new teams, new ideas, challenging people or meeting people that change our lives.  It is in constant motion. This constant motion can be much for our hearts and minds to handle.


Despite all of this motion, I have a few secrets to my professional growth that have never let me down:  


Focused Courage

The first secret to handling it all is focus with courage. Courage to be present, courage to say no when something feels wrong, or yes when something will stretch you like never before. This kind of courage is not comfortable. In fact, it's rather uncomfortable and will require nothing less than all of you. Focused action is vital to proceed with redefined courage.

Jump into the flow with an adventurous spirit

Now, the second secret to navigating the river of courage is to jump into the flow with an adventurous spirit. Do not resist, trust your instincts, stay steady with focus, and move with awareness.  I'm certain you'll be surprised with the outcomes! From my experience it has been nothing less than amazing every time.

Find Your Business Buddy

The third secret is to have a business buddy. A partner where you unleash the vulnerability, successes, challenges and share. This is one of my most valuable assets to my growth.


So here's the "how" for radically transforming your business with courage:

  • Take something that isn't working and make it better - time management skills, presentation skills, communication skills,  or project management  and commit.

  • Be the one who makes the change and be willing to accept the outcome.

  • Let go of files, papers, and the clutter that hold the "I'll get to this someday" thought.

  • Determine a long-term goal that you've had for a long time, discover the #1 habit for it not happening, and make a plan to get in control of your habit vs. the habit having control over you. This will change everything.


I know you've got this.


To you and your courage with focus,

Heather Robertson E-RYT, CTC, CF is an entrepreneur, facilitator, and mentor, with endless commitment to presence and purpose within business and life. She is owner of Wide Awake by Design, located in 

Santa Fe, NM.  


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