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FEATURE - March 2017 - Kansas City

How You Can Use Dowsing for Health 

by Cindy Mckean


In ancient artwork as far back as 7,000 years ago in China, Mesopotamia, and Egypt, are depictions of alternative modes of healing various ailments. One of those modalities is using pendulums. A pendulum is a string or chain weighted by a crystal, metal, or object heavy enough to pull the string taught yet allow enough freedom for the string to move independently. This practice is known as dowsing.


Dowsing with an instrument is a form of radiesthesia. A mix of the Latin radius, meaning ray or radiation, plus the Greek word aesthesis meaning senses, it is the process of sensing energy rays emitted from a person or object, often through the use of an instrument. The instrument could be a stick, a rod, your hands, or a pendulum. The ancient drawings depicted pendulums as the instrument for medical dowsing. The concept of dowsing was based on sacred geometry but also through sensing radiation, electric, and magnetic force radiated from a person or object.


When used for this purpose, a pendulum will move a certain way to indicate areas that need attention. In addition to detecting areas of radiated energy differences on a body, the pendulum can also detect and indicate energies in the environment that are stronger or weaker than others.


Dowsing has a wide application when used for health beyond the body. The environment around us affects our health. From the conditions around us to the food we eat, our bodies are affected by external forces on a daily basis. A pendulum can be used to detect how fresh fruit, vegetables, and meats are before buying them, or if they’re genetically modified or not. It can also point to areas of a house, office, or building that better resonate with someone's personal frequencies than other places.


One of the most powerful pendulums I used was very sensitive to electromagnetic energies. The first time I held it, I walked past an idling speaker which gave out a loud, "Brrrmmmph!" When I used the same pendulum to give a demonstration at the Dowsing Society of Kansas City, I used it to choose a Tarot card from a deck spread out in front of me that would share a message with those of us in the room. It chose, "Death". I explained that although the card appears to be an indication of death or doom, it is rarely literal. It resonates with the planet Pluto which represents darkness and transformation, among other things. Just as I finished explaining that, the lights went out! The lights couldn’t be switched back on, so we had to lift the shades. We were left in partial darkness and had to adjust to the natural light (transformation), true to the card that the pendulum chose. Despite the audience being open-minded and experienced, many of them gasped. It couldn’t be coincidence nor could it be coordinated that way with the best of plans. The pendulum was able to pick up on the subtle energies to indicate that something was electrically wrong in the environment and it manifested with the light circuit going out. It communicated that through a card that would indicate how we’d experience circumstances around us.


The simplest way to use a dowsing instrument such as a pendulum is to ask questions that will yield categorical "Yes" or "No" answers. The pendulum will swing one way for an affirmative answer (perhaps clockwise or left and right) and the opposite way (for example, counter clockwise or back and forth) for a negative answer. The questions should be simple and objective. For example, it's better to ask, "Is this exercise going to help me burn calories?" than, "Is this exercise going to help me burn a lot of calories?"


Pendulums can also be used in fan-chart readings. A fan chart is a half or full circle divided into equilateral angles that have room for different alternatives or answers. For example, if you wanted to decide what the best foods are to eat on a particular day, those different foods can be written separately in the angles in the chart. When you hold your pendulum over the chart it will swing towards the answer. Write the answer down and ask if there’s any additional foods that would benefit you on that same day. Keep on asking until the pendulum stops swinging towards any area of the chart.


Another chart that can be used is a body chart. This is an outline of a body. Sometimes organs are drawn in, such as the heart, lungs, stomach, intestines, etcetera. A pendulum will swing over the area that is affected.


Body charts work wonderfully with remote readings. When working remotely, you don't have to be in the same room with the practitioner to receive the benefits of energy manipulation. It is arguably one of the best benefits of dowsing.  A skilled practitioner can use a pendulum to measure energy levels before and after healing sessions. Much like you can hear music in your home, car, or other location that's being played from a radio station on the other side of town, a practitioner can focus healing energy into the affected area that the person will feel regardless if they're in the same location or not.


It's best to be relaxed and focused state of mind when asking a question. If you keep an open mind and are ready for the truth, dowsing can render clear and concise answers. Being attuned isn't fairy magic; it's real, like a mother's sixth sense.


Ultimately, while dowsing for health should never replace a holistic approach that includes an allopathic medical expert's diagnosis, dowsing is a fantastic way to assess your health and environment around you.

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Cindy Mckean has been practicing Astrology, Tarot, Palmistry, and Dowsing for over 24 years. Though a scientist at heart, she felt there was more to life than what empirical evidence suggests. This began her journey into esoteric studies. Cindy offers private readings by phone and internet. She can be reached through her website or by calling (816) 895-2545

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