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ilili's Tabbouleh​

4.5 Cups of Chiffonade of Parsley

3 Cups of Small Diced Tomatoes

0.5 Cup of Mint Chiffonade

3 Tbsp of Pre-Soaked and drained Burghul

2 Tbsp of Small Dice Onions

9-10 oz of Dressing: 4 oz of freshly squeezed Lemon, 6 oz of Extra Virgin Olive oil, 2 Tsp or less or more to taste of Kosher Salt, ¼ Tsp of Allspice


16 Leaves of Romaine Hearts (Approximately 2 Entire Hearts)



Pick the parsley leaves from the stems and wash the parsley thoroughly and spin in salad spinner to dry. Remove and let it dry further at room temperature for about 1 hour.

Pick the washed and dried mint leaves, and chiffonade.

Using a sharp knife, chiffonade the parsley and crosscut three times.

Brunoise the tomatoes.

Brunoise the onions.

In small Tupperware place the lemon juice and olive oil in addition to salt, pepper and pinch of all spice, seal the container and shake until mixture is homogenous.

Wash burghul thoroughly until you get clear water, strain and squeeze to remove all excess water.

Clean romaine thoroughly and slice the entire heart to remove the dark green parts of the lettuce.

Peal the leaves away from the heart and reserve for later use.

In a mixing bowl, place parsley, mint, 2.5 cups of tomato, onion, and burghul.  

Gently mix with a spoon, you do not want to bruise the mixture but just incorporate the ingredients, add the dressing and mix again.

Place mixture in a bowl of your choosing, and place the lettuce leaves around it (almost forming a flower). Garnish with .5 cup of brunoised tomatoes.

If you really want to be adventurous, you can substitute ½ the parsley or more with cilantro, or basil, and consider adding pomegranate molasses to the dressing.

To eat, place Tabbouleh on romaine leaf and eat (the romaine should be the equivalent of your eating instrument with this dish).


About: Located in New York’s bustling Flatiron District, ilili celebrates life, shared connection, and premier hospitality values through its blend of modern and traditional Lebanese cuisine. Helmed by longstanding Executive Chef and Owner Philippe Massoud, the goal at ilili is to unify every guest’s culture and spirit when they come together to experience and enjoy each dish. Served Mezza style, the menu excellently showcases a melting pot of Lebanese-, Levantine-,and Mediterranean-inspired cuisine—boasting flavorful herbs and spices that highlight their long-held Lebanese traditions with a contemporary twist. As the city’s go-to place for sophisticated Lebanese culture and cuisine – alongside Chef Philippe’s other concepts including ilili BOX and ilili At Home – the restaurant has transcended Philippe’s culinary vision into an unforgettable occasion for all who dine.


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