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A Tool for Transformation

Presented by Ann Nunley, PhD, of Holos University


The Inner Counselor System has evolved over the last 30 years to become a highly effective approach for self-directed, on-going personal and spiritual healing and growth. 


Transpersonal psychologist Ann Nunley, PhD Dean of Academics and Professor at Holos University Graduate Seminary, has shared this effective approach with hundreds of people.


The Inner Counselor has three essential components:

1) A Clear Conceptual Framework,

2) A guided Self-Awareness Process, and

3) A Method that integrates these two components to create powerful and lasting transformations in body, mind, emotions, and spirit.


Inner Counselor is a progressive, whole systems approach to self-healing and integration that includes a clearly outlined Integration Chart and a 15-Step Guided Self-Awareness Process, the ICP™.  The brief, dynamic ICP™ may be used by professionals as a symptoms-oriented clinical intervention or by individuals seeking on-going personal and spiritual 

growth. The ICP™ quickly and effectively resolves trauma as well as resolving more common, less traumatic dysfunctional coping patterns.


The core of this system is a connection with one’s "Inner Wisdom." This connection supports the perennial spiritual philosophy that the true "healer" lies within each of us.


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