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Jerry Medol & Rusty Fleischer

Anger Alternatives


Anger is Healthy!                                                                


Anger is a normal response to something that is not okay. The anger-related words and behavior are the challenge.


At Anger Alternatives we teach tools and skills that stop the drama and lead to healthy communication, responsible behavior choices and respect-based relationships. 


We use the Medol Model™ to teach clients to control their reactions and accept, interpret and re-direct their anger, by separating the anger feelings from the anger-related behaviors.


Learn how to make your anger work for you instead of letting it get in your way. 

• Stop Reacting. Stop anger-related behaviors. Stop acting out or self- silencing.

• Find your voice. Learn to identify and communicate your needs and wants in constructive ways.

• Identify your feelings — separate them from behaviors. Anger is a feeling. Anger-related actions are behaviors.

• Identify signals and patterns that lead to reactionary behavior. 

• Improve your relationships with family, friends and co-workers.

• Improve your interpersonal communication skills.

• Make healthy choices about your behavior.


Get the Right Training for You We offer

• Individual, couples and family training

• The “Stoppit!” Program Anger Support Group

• Phone and Skype consultations

• Trainings and workshops


Jerry Medol & Rusty Fleischer 

Anger Alternatives




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