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FEATURE - May 2019

Journey with Empowerment


By Shelly Wilson


AS AN INTUITIVE MEDIUM, my purpose is to assist others on their journey into consciousness by empowering them to recognize and acknowledge the guidance they are receiving for themselves. Our Solar Plexus chakra is the energetic center of our knowingness, also referred to as our “gut instinct.” As we tune into this power center, we become more empowered to stand in our power and to feel safe in shining our Light bright.


Why is self-empowerment significant to our spiritual growth?

What does standing in your power mean?


No one is going to empower you. This is something we must do for ourselves; and the sooner we start, the better off we will be. Here’s what standing in your own power means: It means being your authentic self—allowing yourself to be who you really are with all people all of the time. In doing so, you are exhibiting the courage and strength to be seen and heard. This kind of courage is standing in your power.


This involves communicating your needs and desires to others as well as to yourself. Standing in your power simply means “owning” what you believe to be true and then speaking your truth. Emanating this power in your words and actions requires no thought when you become accustomed to doing so.


Throughout your life, some people may try to control you or the choices you are making. When you allow this to happen, you are either consciously or subconsciously giving your power away to another.


Do you recognize when this happens? How does it make you feel?


Any time a pattern or experience repeats itself, choose to acknowledge the pattern and then allow yourself to see things from a Higher perspective. These experiences will continue to repeat themselves until you recognize the lesson the experience is offering. You may be guided to ask these questions. What am I supposed to learn from this experience? Why do I feel this way?


Tips to Become Empowered


1. Ground and center your energy while consciously bringing your energy to this present moment. You are in the flow of manifestation when you are living in the here and now rather than dwelling in the past or planning the future.


2. Have the courage to be who you are always and in all ways. There is no need to carry the energy of what others may think or say about you. Each one of us is having our own human life experience. Choose to honor your experience as well as everyone else’s experience.


3. Say what you mean to say. When you speak your truth, you will recognize the importance of hearing the truth from others. Be mindful when communicating and discern if you are coming from a place of love or fear/lack. Communicate your needs and desires to yourself and to others. Don’t assume that everyone can read your mind. You have to speak up.


4. Listen to what your body is telling you. Pay attention to the sensations that you feel physically. As you heighten your awareness and tune in, you will be accustomed to recognizing this communication.


5. Surrender and release to Spirit/the Universe anything you cannot control. The five things you can actually control are your own thoughts, words, actions, emotions and responses.


6. Choose to be conscious of the energy you are emitting. Are you sending mixed signals to the Universe with your thoughts/words and actions? When you align your thoughts, words and actions with your beliefs, you are walking your talk and talking your walk. People may have differing beliefs, so it is important to honor their beliefs as well in a loving way while not compromising yourself in the process.


7. Trust the guidance you are receiving. You may not understand the how, when, why, what and where details, but it is important to acknowledge the guidance you are receiving and express your gratitude for receiving it.


8. Be patient with your progress. Cease the mind chatter and negative self-talk. Honor yourself and what you are feeling.


You are a great, mighty and powerful spiritual being

with dignity, direction and purpose!

~ Dannion Brinkley


Excerpted with permission.




Evolving Magazine

Kansas City

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Shelly Wilson is an author, intuitive medium and conscious creator who is passionate about helping people wake up to their greatness. She supports others as they navigate their own journey into consciousness to experience aliveness. Shelly’s books, 28 Days to a New YOU, Connect to the YOU Within and Journey into Consciousness, are available in paperback and eBook. She is also the creator of Journey into Consciousness: Cards of Empowerment. Shelly’s newest book, Embracing the Magic Within, and accompanying Clarity Cards are now available.


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