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REVELATIONS - November 2018 

Kansas City Healing Project

Cancer patient support with energy healing


By John Hoefer 


Each year there are about 9,000 new cases of cancer diagnosed in the Kansas City area, with about 3,300 cancer related deaths per year per statistics from the National Cancer Institute. With this number of illnesses and death’s it is a serious health issue in the area.  Most likely, we all know one or more of people who are dealing with cancer, the treatments, as well as the side effects of the treatments. Both my dad and step mom died from multiple cancers and I saw the effect it took on them as they navigated the traditional treatments of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

I was inspired to find a way to utilize my three years of training at the Core Star Energy Healing School and my practice as an energy healer to assist the Kansas City area cancer patients with reducing the pain and suffering they were having. As a result, the 501©3 Kansas City Healing Project was organized to provide energy healing services by myself and fellow Core Star graduates for cancer patients. We have also expanded the services to include veterans.

Energy Healing is a term to describe various types of Bio-Field treatments used to assist a client in balancing their own energy field. The Bio-Field, also known as our aura, is an energy field that is in and around each living being.  This field is constantly changing with each thought, emotion and physical action.  Having cancer affects a client’s energy system in many ways. The disease itself, along with the stress and anxiety that causes, shows up in the energy field. The treatments for cancer also affect the energy field: chemotherapy seems to slow it down and leave it sluggish and radiation therapy sessions seem to leave holes in the field.

This is where energy healing can serve a support function to conventional treatments of surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. Since we started working with cancer patients, we have provided over 4,000 individual healing sessions for clients going through cancer treatments.

The basic approach to supporting cancer patients is to first rebalance the clients’ energy field with a technique we call an energy balance and then we can use more targeted work in the areas directly impacted. This work is done with the client fully clothed while they lay on a massage table. We have a video of a session on our website: 

One of our referral sources, Naomi Glynn at Sarah Cannon Cancer Center at Menorah Medical Center, tells us that the Menorah patients who have had healing sessions are giving her the following feedback:

-  If they had pain or discomfort prior to the session, it was often less following the session.

-  Anxiety or stress levels were almost always reported as being less.

-  Depression was reported as lessening for patients who regularly took advantage of the service.

-  Patients also often reported feeling more energized and less fatigued following the session.

One dramatic example was a client who had targeted radiation treatments on her head for a brain tumor. A side effect of this was a significant headache for the three to four weeks before I saw her.  What I observed as a healer was that the excess radiation seemed trapped in her head.  As part of her session, we reopened the normal energy channels in and around her head and the headache left and remained gone.

These reported outcomes line up with the research showing the positive effects from using energy healing. An article in the journal Cancer showed that patients receiving energy healing sessions while going through cancer treatments had levels of the stress hormone Cortisol become normalized compared other patients not receiving the sessions.

These sessions are offered at no cost to the cancer patient because we have an amazing group of private foundations that support our work.


If you are a cancer patient or veteran and would like to schedule a no-cost session, please give us a call at 816-718-6358 to see our web site for more information. 


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John Hoefer, MS is a certified energy healer.  He founded the Kansas City Healing Project in 2005 to assist cancer patients and veterans with healing, recovery from stress, pain, and anxiety. He currently serves as the Director of both the Kansas City Healing Project and the Core Star Energy Healing School, located in Overland Park, KS.

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