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Kindness Is Contagious

By Dr. Jud

Kindness is in short supply right now. We’ve been forced to focus on “bigger” issues (a global pandemic!) and spend our energy learning science terms like "R naught" (an indicator of how infectious a virus is) and "flatten the curve".

And I'm seeing more and more about pandemic fatigue — so many of us are getting worn out by the seemingly endless cycle of worry and fear about health... and politics.

But have we overlooked something small that’s actually really important?

Kindness is like an energetic booster shot against worry and fear, and it's more contagious than a virus — we can spread it no matter how far apart we are from each other. And that might even help to bring us together in these difficult times.

I put together a short 2 minute video on how to bring kindness back into your life. You can watch it here: 

Let me know if it gives you a much needed booster shot.

And if you're looking for even stronger "doses", check out my interview on NPR's Life Kit podcast on how kindness and curiosity can help with anxiety (14 min) and a panel discussion with Sharon Salzberg, Rangan Chatterjee, Jill Scott and me, hosted by the wonderful Krista Tippett through the Milken Institute (60 min.)


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