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FEATURE -  June 2016 - Kansas City

Life and After is Forever Ageless

By Traci Bray, BS/MA


Over my lifetime my views on aging have shifted little, from a fascinating childhood experience, having gained a much broader depth as a 58 year old woman, and Medium. The latter offers me the skill of connecting with the dead – people, and sometimes animals.


As a young child, my first memory of seeing a person followed my Mother taking a phone call learning my paternal grandfather had succumbed to a major heart attack at work. She began to cry. When she responded to my inquiries about what this meant, from her Methodist upbringing she indicated that he had gone to Heaven. The meaning of this was unclear to my younger sister and I.  We were in the kitchen. I looked into our dining room, and there stood my paternal Grandfather. I announced this, and promptly was corralled into not mentioning that to my Father when he returned home as this would be, “…very upsetting.” With this early elementary experience on some level I very much acknowledged that life goes on. Grandpa did not look ill – he was standing on his own quite well, happy and smiling at me. He even winked!


Today, it is a rare occasion when my own passed loved ones communicate with me – usually it is something hilarious, as most of my relatives had, and evidently maintain healthy senses of humor. It is via the experiences of communicating with the loved ones of clients that I have come to believe that life is in fact: ageless.


Let’s begin by looking at Mothers who delivered babies that did not survive full-term. Regardless of the cause of the death, babies appear to me as very-much alive. Most-often these children surface not because the Mother has asked to hear from them, but instead when I will inquire as an example, “You have three children?” The woman will answer, “I have two children.” I will say, “Yes, living, but you have had a child who did not survive full-term?” The startled woman will acknowledge this. When I report as to how I ‘see’ this child, the consistent message from the infant to the parent is, “Thank you for being part of my creation. I am grateful.” Very simple, sweet. There is no rhyme nor reason as to agelessness on the Other Side (heaven, paradise, eternity, etc.). Life is just ageless. These babies have appeared to me as young fetuses, yet at other times if one was born thirty years ago, the child may appear as a thirty year old. If it is the latter, they appear as whole, and healthy, and never older than they would be today.


A Father once came through in the most-poignant of ways. His young-adult daughter asked if he were at her wedding the previous summer. As I waited to hear his response, (which is of course nearly always, “YES!”), I heard Frank Sinatra singing, “Fly Me to the Moon.” As I asked if the song had meaning to her, she burst into tears. The Father was actually singing the song to her. Evidently, it was his favorite song, and was played as the first-dance of the newly betrothed. “Dad” was in good health, snapping fingers on his free hand, with the other clutching the microphone, shoulders, hips and feet jamming. Dad had been unwell; yet on the Other Side, he was the picture-of-good health, and cheer. Dressed in a fine tuxedo, he was radiant with beautiful skin tone and color, and likely around the same age as when he passed. Agelessness in a fine example!


The glimpses to the Other Side that I have been graciously afforded do demonstrate pain, illness, physical/mental aging, as maladies that corresponded before death. Yet it seems as if when we pass, those things are stripped from our bodies as a snake sheds its skin. New skin on a snake often appears supple, shiny and beautiful. This is what agelessness is on the Other Side: disease and pain disappear, minds are clear.


Concerning our brains, disease can be thoroughly frustrating, and at times frightening.  During coma, I have read for loved ones who’s concern is that on some-level the comatose person is not aware of people that love and care for the victim surrounding them. Many comatose souls, still living have come through in readings, speaking legibly to their loved ones, as well as aware patients who can no longer communicate. Several years ago I was called to a university hospital’s intensive care unit. Gathered there were family members of an unconscious middle-aged adult, medicated heavily for pain.  Many family members were afraid that he did not know of their presence, or hear their words of love and attentiveness. A number of confirmations came through, but the spectacular one was when he kept showing me a horse. I asked the family if he rode, or owned a horse. No. Nor lived by or owned a stable. Then one sister, after another pulled an identical necklace hidden under their shirts. All were of horseshoes. He had given them to family members shortly after diagnosis as a token representing “Luck!” for a hoped-for recovery. This was his way to say to them one day prior to passing, “I know we all tried. I am grateful; I love you!”


Shortly after the visit to the ICU, I again read for some of the same family members. Their belief was that he did not come through as strongly. Upon occasion when a hugely impactful reading occurs, the following is not always identical. What I do recall however is that on the Other Side, this gauntly thin man with hollowed cheeks in his forties that I had held hands with in the ICU, now appeared to me to be much younger. He was deeply tanned and with attractive muscle-tone – clearly a trained athlete. In life he had been just that, and an annual bicycling event in his community now routinely occurs in his name. He continues to live, agelessly, as has every soul I've seen. Every one, regardless of cause of death, lifestyle, religion, ethnicity, gender - real, assumed or acquired. Ageless.

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