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FEATURE - October 2019

Local Space Lines:

Astrological Fen Shui


by Cindy Mckean 


On the date, time, and location you were born, different planets were in orbit and viewable in our skies lending a planetary energy influence to your environment. If we trace the line of the planetary orbits across our sky, they are referred to Local Space Lines in astrology, and the reference points can be used in your immediate surroundings as your own personal power lines.

Local Space in astrology is very similar to the concepts of the ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui or Indian art of Vastu Shastra. It's a way of using energy to harmonize the environment around you. Through using your Local Space Lines, the archetypal energies of each planet can be tapped into in order to guide certain opportunities your way. These planetary energies are directions of influence in our lives with each planet exerting a unique intelligence and energy according to how you want to transform your life. 

Local Space Charts look like spokes of a bicycle wheel emanating from the center. You can lay it over a map of your city, a floor plan at work or home, or even a map for an upcoming trip. You can overlap energies by also laying it over the center of your favorite room after you’ve laid it over your home floor plan.

The closer you are to a planetary line, the more you will be able to harness the energetic force that the planet emits. For example, if you want to lose weight, Saturn's planetary archetypes help with restrictions and discipline. With that, placing your refrigerator or your favorite snacking spot in your home will help curb your food rendezvous. If you're looking to increase your income, taking a path to work that predominantly has a Jupiter influence, known for good luck and bounty, will change how you're perceived at work more favorably. If you're single and looking for a partner, visit a venue under your Venus line, the planet of love.

One of the beauties of Local Space Lines in astrology is that we can remediate the energies around us through using planetary representatives. Say your home is located under a Pluto line and you've had problems associated with Pluto such as wastes backup, financial loss, or foundation problems, simply adding a favorable planetary color or glyph in that area will help relieve the problem overnight. Another beauty of Local Space Lines is that it can literally change how things happen to you and deflect unfavorable energies already present in your surroundings. 

Elvis was born in Tulepo, Mississippi, the point of origin of the lines below. However, it was on his Jupiter line (the northerly blue line) in Memphis, Tennessee where he found fame (Jupiter is associated with luck, expansion, and bounty, among other things). It was the perfect spot for him to keep his home base where his estate with his mansion, plane, and private garden still exist today.    

 Even without your Local Space Chart, if you’re looking to change the energies of your surroundings consider using the planets to achieve what you’d like. Simply place a photo, drawing, glyph, or color of the planet that has the energies you’d like where they are most suitable for you.

Here’s a keywords list of planetary energies you can use in your space:

♦ Sun – creativity, good health, popularity, recognition. Ideal for vitality, fame, and general happiness.

♦ Moon – empathy, reception, fertility. Ideal for a cozy home, intuition, and familial themes. 

♦ Mercury – clear communication, quicker ideas and thoughts. Ideal for education, media, networking, trade, weight loss, and business transactions. 

♦ Venus – beauty, arts, love, pleasure. Ideal for finding a partner, romance, and the possibility of earning more money and improving your likeability.

♦ Mars – energy, motivation, drive, passion. Ideal for exercise, assertiveness, offensive and defensive maneuvers, and physical strength. 

♦ Jupiter – optimism, good fortune, expansion, money. Ideal for higher education, uplifting one’s attitude, good health, synchronicity, rubbing elbows with important people, and making money.

♦ Saturn – hard work, discipline, maturity, seriousness, professionalism, responsibility, pressure. Ideal for studying, weight loss, focus, solitude, and work.

♦ Uranus – freedom, unexpected surprises, sudden changes, disruption, outlier. Ideal if you want excitement in your life, a career in technology, getting out of a rut, and making a point (such as a setting up a protest or revolution).

♦ Neptune – mysticism, dreamy, introspective, dissolves boundaries. Ideal for good sleep with good dreams, forming ideals, and creating music, art, and poetry. Also a good place for romance, metaphysical study, and meditation. 

♦ Pluto – intensity, money risks, empowerment and power struggles, shamanic work, the unconscious, hidden agendas. Ideal for dramatic transformation,  sexual encounters, privacy, and all esoteric practices.

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