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FEATURE - October 2019

Love Is All You Need


by Judith Corvin-Blackburn

We are energy beings. If our hearts are healed and open, we emit an energy of higher dimensional frequency that nourishes the planet and all creation while simultaneously drawing love and joy to us. If we are resentful or depressed, we find ourselves drawing outer experiences that match how we are feeling because they match our internal vibration. 

Here’s why.

What appears to us as solid is only energy travelling at a slower rate. All cells, when reduced to their tiniest parts, are actually in motion, vacillating between being a particle and a wave. This vacillation creates a vibration, a frequency. This frequency is electromagnetic, which means that it is pulsing out messages and simultaneously magnetizing them. So, we magnetize experiences compatible with the frequency we emit. 

The current evolutionary process on Earth, often called Ascension, is a process of speeding up our frequencies to match that of the fifth dimension (5D). This dimension carries the energy of unconditional love, unity consciousness, and unbridled creativity, which are the qualities we will draw to us and to the planet when we match this frequency. More and more of us are waking up. We are finding support from guides, therapists, and healers to heal old wounds and step out of victim consciousness and into self-sovereignty. We are opening our hearts and connecting to our inner wisdom, our core essence, and we are feeling the blessing of being connected with all that is.

But we are human. No getting around it. To be human is not a linear process. While we are reclaiming these higher-dimensional parts of ourselves, which are encoded in our DNA but have been deactivated for millennia, we are simultaneously living in the slower frequency of 3D. Often, we may find ourselves seesawing, tapping into the compassion of 5D, then feeling stuck in 3D, and going back and forth between these inner experiences.

It is empowering yet daunting to realize that we can control the frequency we emit, because we often do not have the will, focus, or tools to consciously and consistently do this. Some days we might wake up feeling loving and expansive, and other days, we might wake up in a contracted state–feeling low and negative about ourselves and the world. And then, to make matters worse, we end up feeling judgmental toward ourselves for thinking or feeling negatively. Clearly, in the first state, our hearts are open and our frequency is high; we are tapping into our 5D expression. In the second, we’ve crashed back into 3D.

The kinder and more understanding we can be to ourselves when our energy contracts, the more we can shorten our lower-frequency experiences. For example, today I woke up feeling great. I had been struggling with writing this article, but now new ideas of how to approach it were flooding in. I sat down at my computer and the words began to flow until that inner voice, that inner critic, started letting me know that this article sucked and then provided me with all the reasons: “It’s boring, people won’t relate,” and so on. I did not hear this voice, per se. Instead I felt some pain around my heart area, a low-level heartburn that for me is a signal I was going into an old, dysfunctional belief system and running the energy of judgment, which immediately lowers my frequency and therefore the quality of how I feel. 

As soon as I noticed this, I brought the judgments into my conscious awareness. That gave me the option of changing them using my inner tools to step back into my sovereignty. I could now decide how to react to this judgment. I could approach it with affectionate humor, as one might a naughty child, saying to myself, “Oh, there goes that inner judge again, will she never learn?” and see myself patting her on the head and making her very small. Or, I could step into even more self-judgment: “Oh, there I go again, doing this to myself! What is wrong with me?” Guess which option makes me feel better and was therefore the one I chose? 

So, here are a few suggestions. Notice what judgments you are carrying, both of yourselves and others. We are trained to be judgmental, and often that means being incredibly hard on ourselves. Put the judgments in words. Write them down. Do your best to keep your sense of humor about how often those judgments come and the inaccuracies they usually carry. This will help enormously.

Some of you, like me, will get a body signal, others might get an emotional signal. Learn to recognize your own signals, and then to begin to observe what negative or sabotaging thoughts are floating through your head.

As we do this more often, we are become more skilled at noticing judgements that are popping up. Every time you notice, give yourself credit, put that gold star on your internal report card, and notice how your energy shifts.

Another simple technique is to focus on your heart. Rub your hands together until they are warm and place them over your heart. Then imagine that you are breathing in and out through it. Focus on someone you deeply love, your partner, your child, your dog, and keep breathing as you focus on this love. As your heart feels fuller and fuller, send that loving energy to yourself, just shower yourself with it, notice how good it feels, and remember to include your inner critic. Then notice if you are judging anyone else, and send them love, too. It does not matter if your judgment is also holding some objective truth, for example, that person may really be unkind, or that government policy may really be inhumane. But the energy of judgment will only keep things stuck. If we send love to what we notice in ourselves and in the world, the frequency will shift. The energy of love is the most powerful and transformative energy available to all of humankind, and it is always available for us to use.

By the way, I followed my own advice…and no more heartburn.




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Judith Corvin-Blackburn, LCSW , DMin has been inspiring people to step into self-sovereignty, joy and sacred purpose for 45 years.  She is the author of three books, a transpersonal psychotherapist, and co-founder of the Shamanic Multidimensional Mystery School.  She offers online courses and presents workshops around the country.  Check her out at


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