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EATING WELL IN KANSAS CITY - December 2017 - Kansas City

Meet Me at the Casbah

An oasis of Mediterranean delights awaits the pleasure of your company with no airfare necessary

By Gloria Gale


I’m committed to few restaurants in Johnson County but The Basha is one I heartily recommend.


While not new to the scene, owner, Nader Shehata launched this Mediterranean mecca some years back. “I was really missing flavors and the atmosphere from my country, Egypt, so I decided it’s now or never,” said Shehata.


So one day Shehata gave me a spin on the succulent treats gleaned from family recipes in the middle-eastern crescent.


 “Sit back, relax, “he said – tempting me with a lovely deep, current-colored drink served in a fancy glass.


“It’s hibiscus juice,” Shehata said smiling as I asked what Basha means.  “It's a term for someone with an aristocratic nature.” 


“I'm a Democrat, yes, but an aristocrat...hardly.”  


That being said, I felt like one when the pita, hummus and baba ganouj accompanied by a plateful of warm falafel appeared.


If you haven't already noticed the Standard American Diet (SAD) is often devoid of much color. 


All that changes when you partake from The Basha’s culinary rainbow.


A lush green salad, filled with mint, sumac, cucumbers, crisp lettuce and tomatoes, was lightly brushed with a tangy olive oil dressing. 


Good starters so far.


The entrée was so satisfying – a plate of shish kabobs consisting of chicken shawerma all atop heaps of mellow-yellow rice.


It took a while to consume the banquet but I have to say, it was worth savoring. 

The meal concluded with my favorite, honeyed Baklava and Kunafa, a cheese pastry. 


Vowing to return

“So, this is a great find,” coercing a meat-and-potatoes Tastebud to accompany me the following week.


We started with kibbah, a sort of meat and grain little tidbit, then graduated to bountiful entrees.


A succulent tilapia sautéed in olive oil perched on a bed of rice for me and Shish Tawook or grilled chicken skewers seasoned with an array of herbs for the Bud.


I thought I'd also try the gyro plated with creamy Tahini and garlic sauce accompanied with the hummus and a green salad.           


“Coffee?” Shehata asked, then obliged with a bold cup of Turkish – so rich and aromatic I was immediately transported.


“You know,” he leaned in, “In my country, at the end of the meal, a designated seer will actually read your fortune found in the coffee stain at the bottom of your cup.”


“Send her over,” I implored. It’s always good for me to know what's ahead.”

I'm interpreting that I'll be back to the Basha. 


The Basha Mediterranean Cuisine

7016 w. 105th St

Overland Park, KS 66212


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Kansas City writer, producer, and photostylist Gloria Gale is a sleuth when it comes to discovering interesting features for the media.


As a native she's compiled a burgeoning collection of editorial features on food, travel and lifestyle for national and local magazines, books, individuals, and corporate clients. 


Most recently, Gloria profiled area restaurants as a columnist for 435 Magazine and was one of KCUR's Food Critics radio program. 


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