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Meeting Your Spirit Guide

A Sacred Garden Meditation

By Julie Porter


Diana Cole shows us how to connect with the loving support that is right there, waiting for us, so we can have a happier 2021.


“This meditation is designed to help you connect with your personal spirit guide,” Diana explains, “the guide with whom you share a particularly close connection. As you work with your guide, you will become more and more attuned to their energy and they will walk closely beside you on your life path.”


Set aside 10 – 15 minutes for this meditation. To prepare for the meditation:

  • Go to your quiet space.

  • Shift your focus away from your thoughts and inner dialogue.

  • Turn your attention to your breath.

  • Imagine golden energy beams in and around you; really feel their warmth.

  • Begin positive thought (i.e., focusing on all you are grateful for).


“Now you are ready to enter your sacred garden — the safe place within you for healing — and meet your spirit guide.”


STEP 1: Know Your Sacred Place


What does your sacred garden look like? Describe it in as much detail as you wish. Are there trees? Is there water? Do you see animals? It may not even be a garden at all; perhaps it is a beach, a quiet forest, or any other favorite place of peace and comfort.


What does it smell like? Do you smell flowers, trees? The salty ocean breeze? Do you smell food, spices lingering in the air?


STEP 2: Meet Your Guide


Imagine that your spirit guide lives in your garden. When you want to meet them, ask your spirit guide to come closer.


What do they look like? Does your spirit guide have a name? What kind of energy does your spirit guide carry? What does it feel like to be in their presence?

STEP 3: Get to Know Your Guide


Now it is time to get to know your spirit guide. You can ask questions or you can simply observe. What do you notice about your interaction with your spirit guide? If you asked them questions, what were their responses?


STEP 4: Rest in Gratitude


Thank your spirit guide for joining you in this sacred place within. It is comforting to know that there is a sacred place you can go in meditation to feel safe and accepted. Visit this place as often as you like.


As time goes on, you may find that you can use this place as your own spiritual workshop within, getting answers to questions, finding solutions, resolving issues, and creatively working with your reality.




About: Diana Cole is a spirit translator, thought leader, and author. Passionate about spirit guidance, she is committed to teaching people how to access it for themselves so they may find freedom from pain and limitation and live a life of abundance, fun, and inspiration. Diana offers her empowering tools for spirit guidance in group settings, speaking engagements, live workshops, and through her vibrant Instagram and Facebook communities. She is the author of “Spirit Translator: Seven Truths for Creating Well-Being and Connecting With Spirit” (St. Martin’s Press, August 2020) and coauthor of “Pillars of Success” (August 2020) with Jack Canfield. Diana’s first children’s book, “Alina the Positive Thought Warrior,” released at the end of 2020. Learn more at

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