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The Modern Homestead Garden

Modern homesteading is a lifestyle focused on living lightly on the land and increasing self-sufficiency. It doesn’t matter whether “home” is 50 acres in the country, a suburban corner lot, or an apartment in the city; all you need is a desire to live more sustainably. It is possible to live a more sufficient lifestyle within the demands of modern life, and millions are interested in learning how.  


The easiest first-step towards greater self-sufficiency is growing your own fruits and vegetables and the new book THE MODERN HOMESTEAD GARDEN (March, 2021 from Cool Springs Press) is the perfect guide. Gary Pilarchik of The Rusted Garden walks you step-by-step through the process of building a homestead garden, from laying out the planting beds, nurturing the soil, and starting seeds, straight through to cooking and preserving the harvest. With Gary’s guidance, you’ll move at your own pace, learn, share, and enjoy the journey as you slowly transform your home into an edible landscape.


You might already know Gary through his You Tube channel, The Rusted Garden, where he shares his love of gardening with over 495,000 subscribers.  

Purchase the book on Amazon.

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