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Are You Interested in Moon Circles and What They Mean?

By Janae Bell

As the moon offers unique connections to the mind, body, and soul, its phases can also be used to align your body with your spirit. Utilizing the emotional aspect of the moon will encourage you to dig deep into yourself and let go of what is no longer serving you. Because of its gravitational pull, the moon controls the tides of our oceans, and since we are made up of 70  to 80% water, we are also emotionally pushed and pulled by the moon. If you don't believe this affects you, try tracking the moon phases and see how you feel. Several people have trouble sleeping when we approach the waxing gibbous and are getting closer to the full moon. During the dark phase of the moon, you may feel lethargic and extremely introverted as the moon is going back to its shadow. Even when tracking their menstrual cycles, women have begun to notice they are synchronized with new moons and few with full moons. Manifesting, connecting with nature, and healing are powerful attributes of the moon, which holds fluid and receptive feminine energy.

New Moon rituals have existed for thousands of years. Farmers would even plant seeds under a new moon since it is a time of intention setting and growth. In conjunction with the full moon, they would harvest their crops, since it is a time of fertility, transformation, and abundance. By aligning ourselves with the moon, we are aligned with nature, the universe, and ourselves. This is because we are continually able to tap into our intuition, manifest what we desire, and begin the process of living the life that we deserve. At home, moon rituals are so healing and fun, but a group ritual is even better.

Moon circles are a way to share communally in a sacred space, interacting with individuals who share the same values, while feeling a sense of belonging and being able to hold each other's space in a respectful way. They are a place to give and receive support, and to provide self-care to the tender parts of us that want to be seen and heard as we heal together.  They are not just for women. They are open to any and all as long as you are willing to get in touch with the most vulnerable parts of yourself. Our ancestors used moon circles to connect with nature and to come together in a sacred space to heal, rest, and nurture each other. The full  Moon and the new Moon are times when the moon's energy peaks, and we are given an opportunity to harness that energy on our planet. New Moons and Full Moons take place roughly every month. A new Moon appears as dark as the night sky because its lit side is hidden from the earth. At a full Moon, the most sunlight bounces off of the moon, making it glow brightly.

New and full Moons are the most celebrated phases of the moon. As a new moon approaches, seeds are sown, new intentions are set, and plans are made. A waxing moon occurs between the new moon and the full moon when light gradually builds and manifestation starts to take place. During this phase, we should actively gather motivation and work toward our goals; while harvesting is at the time of the full Moon. We can celebrate our successes, our achievements, and our failures at this time, and we can release the past as well. The time after the full Moon is about self-care, rest, relaxation, and release. As the moon orbits the earth and returns to its shadow, it appears dim during this time, and moon circles are about celebrating these times.

Throughout history, moon circles have served as gatherings for sharing knowledge,  enabling spiritual enlightenment, and boosting self-confidence. Through intentional stillness, we can harness the powerful energy of each moon phase as a collective, releasing stress, becoming more focused on the present, and strengthening our connection to the universe. Incorporating the phases into your daily life can help you become more patient, calm, and in tune with your own needs.

 The moon's glorious energy inspires us and allows us to share our own struggles and goals in a non-judgmental space. Besides making new friends, participants of these moon embracing rituals can expect to feel a deeper sense of self-love, clarity, and awareness after each event.

When attending my moon circles, there are 4 main important parts:

Movement, meditation, journaling, and ritual-work 

1. We connect and ground ourselves in our bodies, which prepares us to move into our minds. The moon's energy waxes and wanes throughout the month, so movement is the most important part. As long as we live in tune with the phases of the moon, we can use that energy to guide our flow. This will ensure that we are always motivated to take care of our bodies. 

2. We incorporate a quick yoga flow into our movement portion of the moon circle, which is intended to ground you and demonstrate how you can do the same in your own moon ritual at home.

3. If it is a new Moon, I like to do a quick vinyasa-style flow. As we approach the waxing phase, we want to build a bit of heat and momentum in the body so that all of the intentions we set during the new Moon can be put into action. The new Moon is the ideal time for dreaming,  setting intentions, calling in your deepest desires, and sending out wishes to the Universe. The moon is about to wax, so allow yourself a chance to rest in order to build momentum. As the lunar cycle begins, plant some seeds and cultivate the energy you wish to create.

4. If it is a full Moon, the style of yoga is more restorative/ yin. A full Moon occurs in the middle of a lunar cycle and is when you will see your goals and dreams start to manifest as we release all of the intentions we set during the new Moon. The moon represents both the physical and the emotional body. It is a time when your emotions and physical body are open to the light and the awareness of spirit. The full Moon is when the shadows disappear and the moon shines its luminosity, inviting us to become aware of the world and whom we want to become. We are at a  time when we should express gratitude and celebrate everything we've manifested thus far, and let go of anything that no longer serves us. As the Moon begins to wane after this phase, this is a  time to rest, withdraw, and release. 

Give yourself plenty of grace and rest, because once the new Moon arrives, you will be ready for a cosmic reset and a jump start back toward your goals and dreams. 

About the author:

I am a 29-year-old Cancer sun, Scorpio Moon, and Capricorn rising. I am passionate about mastering my soul. I love working with the moon, practicing yoga, and meditating. As a 200-hour yoga teacher and meditation graduate of My Vinyasa Practice, I use the moon as a  tool to align with my highest self and manifest my dreams and goals. Through this, I created  Goddess and the Moon, a moon circle project where I gather with others in a circle to open our hearts to one another, share, explore, and heal through lunar rituals. Whenever I host a circle,  remember that we are all seeking the same thing: unconditional love, and I am passionate about helping others find their inner magic through love.

Goddess and the Moon will be hosting several virtual and in-person events; click here to see all upcoming events and register.

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