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Mosaic Life Care Journey

Healthy Living Clinic


Mosaic Life Care Journey’s Healthy Living Clinic is located in the Kansas City Northland and provides holistic care, using expert guidance derived from a variety of disciplines. Clients find highly personalized care when they visit the Healthy Living Clinic.


The central goal for Mosaic Life Care Journey is helping individuals live their best life, and the Healthy Living Clinic is an integral part of that goal. Assisting clients as they seek to optimize their wellness and experience their best possible health, the Healthy Living Clinic plays an important role in well-being.


The functional approach of the Healthy Living Clinic informs processes to improve longevity, prevent age-related disease and treat ongoing symptoms. A visit to the Healthy Living Clinic can provide assistance for a number of challenging conditions, including auto-immune disorders, diabetes, thyroid disorders, headaches and asthma.


The Healthy Living Clinic is led by experts in the field of naturopathic and functional medicine. Scott Kempton, MD, is a leader in functional and anti-aging and regenerative medicine. His partner, Charles Andrews, ND, is a naturopathic doctor specializing in natural therapies and treating a variety of female health challenges. Abby Stanley, MS, RDN, LD, is an Integrative Nutritionist working with clients on nutrition for improved overall health, as well as implementing diet changes for specific health goals.


A client visiting the Healthy Living Clinic for the first time enjoys an extensive discussion with the health-care provider. A complete review of the medical history, nutrition and current symptoms of the client is conducted, so that a total picture of their health is understood. This appointment begins a trusted partnership between the client and the provider, with shared health goals.


One purpose of the initial, highly-personalized discussion of medical history and symptoms is to determine any potential obstacles that may prevent the body from healing itself. The practitioners at the Healthy Living Clinic know that it’s important to identify the underlying cause of any symptoms, rather than simply treating the symptoms.


In many cases, the practitioner recommends changes in behavior to improve overall health. This may include dietary changes or alterations in exercise and other lifestyle choices. Clients are encouraged to look for additional ways that they can optimize their health and live their best lives. Clients can enjoy benefits from other areas of Mosaic Life Care Journey by taking a fitness class, signing up for a cooking class or taking part in one of the workshops offered on a regular basis.


Patients at the Healthy Living Clinic experience the benefits of being treated by experts in a variety of fields:

  • Naturopathic Medicine: Botanical Medicine, Nutrition, Homeopathy, Physical Medicine, Natural Therapies, Prevention

  • Functional Medicine: Pharmaceuticals, Nutrition, Lifestyle improvement, Bio-identical hormones, Detoxification

  • Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine: Men’s Health, Longevity, Prevention 

  • Integrative Nutrition: Nutrient Testing, Food Allergy Testing, Meal Planning

The experts at the Healthy Living Clinic are committed to helping clients enjoy all the benefits of optimal wellness. Through a combination of natural therapies, lifestyle changes and preventive medicine, clients at the Healthy Living Clinic experience customized care through a trusted partnership with their practitioner. 


Address: 6185 Jefferson Ave. Parkville, MO 64152


Phone: 816.569.1480

Hours: Monday- Friday 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.


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