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FEATURE - April 2017

Mother Earth, The Mother of Us All   

by Emilie Jackson


Mother I feel you under my feet

Mother I feel your heartbeat


I stumbled into the dark night, tears of gratitude blurring my vision. Standing on the sidewalk outside my back door, I quickly pull off my shoes and peel off my socks, desperate to stand barefoot on the soft soil of my sweet Mother. “Thank you,” I whisper/cry into the night. “Thank you,” sobbing now as I look out at the twinkling stars, the sliver of the crescent moon, and the outline of the trees rooted in the Earth.  I go to my knees, pressing my forehead into dry leaves and dirt, vaguely aware that my 6-year old son is beside me, having followed me outside.  It’s not enough to be on my knees in gratitude to Her; I stretch out flush with the Earth, pressing my body into Her unseasonable warmth, still whispering, “Thank you, thank you, thank you,” as my little boy lays his head on my back, patting me on the arm, unsure of why I’m crying but right there with me all the same.


Life challenges, powerful enough to take anyone down, come for all of us. Haven’t we all questioned the path our lives seem to take when we are shaken to our core? Aren’t we all questioning right now what the purpose is for the direction our world seems to be heading? I can assure you that this is a matter of Divine Alignment. We are all navigating this EarthWalk as conscious beings, meant to be deeply, personally, lovingly connected to the Mother Earth, the essence of the Divine Feminine, as best we can, trying to understand the signs, symbols, and ways we can best serve the evolution of human consciousness.


The Mother of Us All lovingly plucks us from where we stand and positions us precisely where we need to be. Like a mama tiger biting the scruff of her cub’s neck, the hand of the Mother is always lining up blessings to flow into our lives. And sometimes, She has to clean house a bit to make room for what our souls are calling in. The cycles in nature mimic our own life cycles—dry, dead leaves falling in autumn, barren trees in the cold of winter, the Death Cycle giving way to the bright green hosta spears shooting up from the soil even as winter remains, the purple and orange of crocus, the promise of Spring unfurling Her glory as the birds sing their springtime songs early in the dark morning, the Sacred ReBirth as the days warm into a sunny glow, flowers blooming, gardens growing, summer coming, making us all forget when the nights were long and cold and dark.


So it is with our personal life rhythms. We can all come through the dark night into the beauty of ReBirth, growing and nurturing that new life as surely as we fertilize and grow our gardens of food. The gratitude I felt as I stretched my body full out on the sweet Mother Earth was because of a simple phone call I received from a Planetary Priestess, (1) a spiritual midwife for the Awakening of human consciousness. She inquired about my work, listened with absolute love, and gave blessings from the Goddess for the journey. It may seem like such a small thing but it was everything to me—it was a Gift that made personal challenges I faced meaningful, purposeful. This simple symbol, this sign made everything worthwhile.


Our inner world reflects our outer world. “As above, so below, as within, so without, as the universe, so the soul…”-Hermes Trismegistus. Know within your heart of hearts that your personal connection with your own spirit as a divinely incarnated being in this time-space reality, firmly connected to your body as your sacred Temple, deeply connected to the brilliance of Mother Earth, contributes in a magical, miraculous way to the growth and evolution of us all. Following are ways to celebrate your EarthWalk and connection with this beautiful Blue Planet:


  • Connect with your body as a manifestation of all the elements: Earth my body, Water my blood, Air my breath and Fire my spirit. Be in your body. Be Here Now. Take a deep breath and connect with the miracle of your physical body, this divinely designed vessel that knows how to heal itself, repair itself, without you even having to think about it.

  • Stand barefoot on our Mother Earth daily. She emits a negative electromagnetic field that helps dissipate all excessive positively charged ions in our electric air.

  • Align with your own natural rhythms by noting the rhythms in nature. An excellent resource for this is the annual WeMoon datebook/calendar (2) that lists daily moon phases in the corresponding zodiac signs along with planetary alignments and cycles. Listen to your body as an extension of your spirit’s voice. S/he is trying to speak with you.

  • Make all aspects of your seemingly “mundane” life sacred. Washing the dishes becomes cleansing the hearts of humanity. Rocking the baby becomes soothing those who feel alone and abandoned in the world.

  • Breathe the sunshine in as a reflection of your own inner light. The twinkling stars remind us of what we truly are, lights in the firmament.


The people of Peru honor the Mother Earth as Pachamama, She Who Provides, and we learn their tradition of making a medicine bundle as a living offering of gratitude. Simply take 100% cotton cloth and cut it into an 8” by 8” square. Place tobacco, cornmeal, sage, cedar, and sweetgrass in the center, representing Earth and Fire.  Add small shells or beach sand to connect with the Mother Ocean and the waters of Earth. Place a feather for the element of Air and connection with Father Sky. Amplify the energy with tiny crystals. Arrange flower petals in a lovely pattern that is pleasing to the eye. You may wish to place a piece of your hair in the bundle and any small tokens that are symbolic to you. If you have specific prayer requests or expressions of thankfulness, write them on small slips of paper and slide under tobacco pile. Fold the cloth toward the center, making a bundle. Cut a 1” strip of cloth and wrap around the center, tying it tight, then wrap around opposite ends of the bundle, like a present. I like to slide a feather under the knot in the center. Crow or Raven feathers carry the magic into the ethereal realm. Dig a hole in the earth outside your home or at a place in nature that is special to you. Offer the Medicine Bundle into the soil and feel your special, unique connection with the Mother of Us All, a Child of Earth. Blessed Be! 


  1. Ariel Spilsbury, High Priestess of the Planet, author of Mayan Oracle: Return Path to the Stars; Guidebook for a Modern Priestess; 13 Moon Oracle; and Alchemy of Ecstasy

  2. WeMoon 2017 Datebook/Calendars are available locally through me, Aquarius Books in Kansas City and online at


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Kim Macy is a Priestess of the Goddess, spiritual counselor in private practice in Overland Park, Kansas and facilitator of the Temple of the Goddess Mystery School. Her passion is in assisting people as they navigate their soul’s journey, while connecting with the body as Temple, with conscious thought and awareness of their soul purpose, expressing their light and wisdom gained by facing the shadow of life challenges. For more information, please visit (816) 510-4391 or email

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