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PBS’s Award-Winning Travelscope Host Invites Readers to Savor Life’s Journey


Joseph Rosendo’s boundless globe-trotting adventures bring viewers breathtaking vistas, astonishing wildlife encounters, and unforgettable cultural experiences with local inhabitants on the Emmy-winning PBS series, Joseph Rosendo’s Travelscope. Through Joseph’s insatiable passion for exploration and discovery, we all gain a taste of once-in-a-lifetime experiences and learn the value of opening our minds and senses to the world around us. 


And now, he’s assembled a written collection of his favorite expeditions and added new reflections and insights in his latest book, Musings – The Short Happy Pursuit of Pleasure and Other Journeys.


Written in a conversational tone that captures his heart and soul and reveals his deep connection to the travel experience — especially as a path to pleasure, enlightenment and cultural connections — Musings is a collection of informative, entertaining, and inspirational stories about travel and life’s other enjoyable pursuits for which we all yearn. It is a touching and often humorous journey through a life propelled by a passionate and compassionate view of our world.


The stories cover decades of Joseph’s enlightening travel observations, plus a lifetime of reflections related to his personal journey. Some of the “musings,” particularly the early ones, are directly tied to travel, offering how-to tips on bargaining, packing, planning, and other nuts-and-bolts travel topics. Other stories are less solidly connected to travel as an activity and explore topics such as Joseph’s childhood adventures, his year of spring, his Cuban grandparents, his quest for the holy platter, his brunch-conquering brother, and other happenings. These musings describe Joseph’s personal journey, touching on many topics, but the voyage, the passage, is always the subtext.  


And it's through his belief — that it’s the journey, not the final destination, that matters most — where Joseph reveals his secrets for happy travels and happy life: “We should keep our sense of humor and be as adaptable as possible,” he says. "And we should never, ever isolate ourselves from the experience and just observe — sightsee — from a place apart," he adds. Instead, Joseph wishes that his stories will inspire readers to commit to what’s happening in the moment and relish the good, the bad, and the ugly of it. “May you live all the days of your life,” author Jonathan Swift once said.  “And may you savor the journey along the way,” Joseph adds.



Travel connoisseur, motivational speaker, and four-time Emmy award-winning director and host Joseph Rosendo has been a travel journalist and broadcaster since 1980. Since 2007, he has hosted, directed, and written Joseph Rosendo’s Travelscope, the award-winning PBS travel television series. Joseph has been published worldwide and is the Consulting Editor for DK Eyewitness Travel Guides’ Where To Go When and Where To Go When – the Americas, as well as the author of an Insider’s Guide to Los Angeles. 


To learn more, please visit or connect with Joseph on Facebook: travelscope and josephrosendostravelscope; Instagram: @josephrosendo; and Twitter: @josephrosendo.

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