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HOLISTIC HEALTH - January 2016 - Kansas City

New Year's Health Resolutions

By Nancy Russell, M.D.


On the path to optimal wellness, several aspects of life are important. For the mind and body to function well, it is imperative to allow refreshing sleep, healthy foods, regular exercise, and stress management.


For the New Year, I will share a few of my resolutions for 2016.


1. Physical: my physical goal is to move my body regularly with walking, weights and ballroom dancing.

2. Mental: Read a new book each month on personal wellness or spirituality.

3. Emotional: Share my emotions fully and regularly with my husband. 

4. Spirituality: Donate time each month to my Church home and spend time in conversation with God daily. 


To expand on the physical part of the holistic quadrangle, I am presenting ideas to improve your physical environment.


The physical environment plays a crucial role, specifically the quality of the water and food we ingest and the air we breathe. Pollutants abound. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency: More than 4 billion pounds of chemicals were released into the ground in 2000, threatening our natural ground water sources. Nearly 2 billion pounds of air emissions were pumped into the atmosphere. Several thousand food additives are intentionally added to our food supply and thousands more slip into our food supply unintentionally during harvesting, processing, or packaging. Overall, the average American consumes about 124 pounds of food additives a year! In addition, exposure to toxins is increased by eating processed foods and fat, drinking or bathing in tap water, consuming excessive caffeine and/or alcohol, using tobacco, taking medications for long durations, inadequate exercise, liver or kidney problems and occupational exposure.


So what can you do to improve your health and minimize these exposures? Whatever you think about detoxifying your body, both critics and proponents agree on one thing: The best way to reduce the level of chemicals/toxins in your body is to bar their entrance.


To reduce your exposure: 1) Don’t smoke and avoid secondary smoke. 2) Eat as much organic food as possible, especially if you consume animal products. 3) Use water filters in your refrigerator, sink and shower. 4) Use natural cosmetics, deodorants, and hair sprays. 5) Use nontoxic bug repellents. 6) Substitute chemical-laden, scented household cleaners and detergents for all-natural ones. 7) Limit your use of paint, varnish and wax. 8) Use air purifiers. 9) Avoid alcohol, artificial sweeteners and caffeine.  10) Don’t buy products presoaked in formaldehyde such as particleboard and permanent-press fabrics.


Assist your system to eliminate toxins: 1) Exercise vigorously (sweating) at least 30 minutes 3 times a week. 2) Drink plenty of water daily; divide your weight in half and that is how many ounces required per day. 3) Eat red grapes and berries, nuts and seeds,cruciferous vegetables, leafy greens, and garlic regularly. 3) Utilize a homeopathic or other detox method twice a year. 4) Participate in a 10 day or 28 day diet program that combines low allergenic, organic foods with a source of protein and nutrients known to enhance the body’s detoxification capacity. 5) Far-Infrared Sauna treatments. 6) Enroll in a Juice Fast or cleansing retreat.  7) Make an appointment to discuss an individualized approach to rejuvenate your body, mind and spirit. 


Detoxification of the body can lead to better sleep and relaxation, decrease in aches and pain, reduce allergy symptoms, aid weight loss and improve energy and overall health. We can tailor a program just for you. I look forward to discussing with you how to get started.

Nancy Russell, M.D. has been a holistic Internal Medicine physician in the Kansas City northland for over 30 years at 5140 N. Antioch Road in Kansas City, MO.


Her phone number is 816-453-5545 and website is where you can get more information. Dr. Russell is board certified in holistic medicine and is a member of the American Holistic Medical Association and a prior board member.

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