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Our Greatest Gift: Our Heart~Mind Connection!!!

By Cathy Combs


Our greatest gift to ourselves and the world is to cultivate and honor our heart-mind connection. Having a heart-mind connection is a deliberate conscious process. It does not happen by accident. It means we acknowledge our Identity as Spirit in the physical. It means we honor and appreciate who we are.  It means we honor boundaries. We do not minimize or threaten ourselves or others. We live from a Centeredness of Peace and Faith and Confidence. We understand that fear is NOT our identity!!!! Fear is simply a wake-up call asking us to pay attention and to re-center ourselves in the present moment where there is only Peace and Presence!!!!! Fear is our wake-up call asking us to realize that our true Identity is Love and from that Love comes a Centeredness of Peace and Faith and Confidence. 

Conscious breathing is a huge part of maintaining our heart~mind connection.  Conscious breathing keeps us embodied in the present moment and keeps us awake to the sanctity of our Beingness. We are all here for a sacred Purpose and being centered in the present moment helps us to fulfill our Purpose. 

At the present moment in our world, it is all too obvious that many of us have no idea of the sacredness of our Beingness. The tragic violence and murders that have happened recently have mobilized huge numbers of people to speak up and make a positive difference in the world. People are coming together to say that violence has no place in our world. We are here together to honor and appreciate the diversity of everyone and everything!!!

A huge part of my life that keeps me anchored in my heart~mind connection is Gratitude. I never, never take for granted all the blessings happening in my Life. I constantly give thanks for all the blessings happening in my Life. One thing that is exceedingly important to me is the fact that there is no such thing as a small act of Kindness. Every act of Kindness is a game-changer for the giver and the receiver. Every action and every thought is Energy. Whatever energy we put out into the world comes back to us tenfold. It is hugely important that we recognize this Truth. 

Peace and Faith and Confidence are the backbones of our Spiritual Identity and our heart~mind connection. Honoring these qualities means we operate from the Awareness of Power within, meaning our Spirit Identity, and Power With, meaning our connection with all of Life. We operate from Cooperation not competition!!!

I would like to share a game-changing moment in my Life that happened years ago. I was standing at the door of a shopping mall and I saw an African American woman walking toward the door. She looked like she had the weight of a 20 megaton world on her shoulders as she walked toward where I was standing. I smiled at her and nodded and held the door open for her and in a barely audible whisper she said, “Thank you.” I said, “My pleasure.” She had already walked past me and she whirled back around and stood in front of me staring at me as though she was trying to take in the feeling of the words I had said to her as though she was being seen and appreciated for the very first time in her life.  We stood there together for a few moments and then she went back into the building. As she went past me again into the building I immediately had the feeling that she decided not to kill herself because someone had seen her and appreciated her. I will never forget the feeling of that moment as long as I live. It profoundly showed me the Power of an act of Kindness. She knew I was seeing her Worth and Dignity. She was making a heart~mind connection!!! She was valuing herself!!!

As we go forward into the heat of this August summer I am reminded yet again of the Power of deep conscious breathing. Deep breathing is such a gift to ourselves and others because it keeps us anchored in Peace and Faith and Confidence. We do not take things personally even if they are meant personally. We breathe and relax and let go and go forward into a new moment. We do not get stuck or stay stuck in the past. We remember and appreciate who we are as Spirit in the physical. We acknowledge our inherent Worth and Dignity and we go forward to be the blessing we are meant to be to ourselves and everyone everywhere. Saying that reminds me of a study I read about years ago. They were talking about the Power of Energy. Even in a lead encased room the Energy traveled immediately to the opposite end of the world and registered there in that lead encased room. I was so amazed at that study I realized yet again the Power of our thoughts and Energy. It was amazing!!!

In closing I would like to share an affirmation I often use that helps me stay anchored in my heart~mind connection: “All things are working together for my Good and I AM working with them as the Love and Wisdom and Power of Spirit!!! As Spirit in the physical, we are Expressions of Wisdom. Wisdom is our inherent Understanding of who we are and when we are grounded in that Essence of Peace and Faith and Confidence we go forward to do great Good in this precious world and we are a blessing to ourselves and all others as we are meant to be. It means so very much to me to honor the Truth I know about all of us. When we look beyond the appearance of things and let go of the illusion of “less than” there is no limit to the Good we can bring forth into the world because It is already and always within us. We simply have to be open and receptive and willing enough to see It, honor It, and allow It!!!


Cathy Combs is a freelance writer and workshop architect specializing in Earth-Based spirituality, personal empowerment, and leadership development. You may contact her at (816) 695-8590, or by e-mail at or see her website at

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