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Devil's Churn in Yachats, Oregon. Photo by Betty Ann Dean.



The Power of Our Words

By Betty Ann Dean

I recently had an opportunity to visit a small town in the Pacific Northwest. It was located right on the ocean, and I spent a good deal of time watching the tides. I was mesmerized by the power of the waves and the beauty of nature. 


For a while now, I have realized that we have so much power to create what we want in our lives. One simple way to notice that power is by examining our words. Those words carry a frequency that is a part of our energetic field, which ripples out into our world.  The language you use creates the life that you have. If you are constantly using negative self-talk such as “That never happens for me”, or “I can’t…..”, chances are that it won’t happen for you and that you won’t be able to do whatever it is you were thinking about.


Since I have been focusing on using more positive words for myself, I was delighted to find the book, Power Words, by Sharon Anne Klingler, a leading intuitive. Klingler’s book is filled with short exercises and experiments you can use to measure the effect of a word, see what that word feels like physically and emotionally as you hold it in your body, and notice the difference when you choose a positive word over a negative one. As Klingler says, “Every word you use is a power word because each carries its own creative power. What each word can create depends entirely on the word, its meaning, its energy, and how you use it.”


Klingler uses this example as a way to alter our own energy. “Close your eyes and say to yourself the word lift. Breathe deeply and repeat lift gently a few more times. Notice that you can feel your energy lifting up. You almost feel as if you’re about to rise up–a little like a helium balloon ready to take off on a breeze. Every time you use a lifting word, you will feel lighter, your energy will be higher, and your perspective will soar to the sky!”


As a medical intuitive, I realize that our words are very, very important because our body is listening to our thoughts and our words all of the time. The ways we speak to ourselves often become habits when we repeat them over days, weeks and months. Klingler states: “Any action that is repeated becomes a habit. And negative habits are the rituals in life that diminish success, power, and joy…Mental and emotional habits of intolerance–whether of self or others–give birth to a little dark thought here, another hurtful word there, a defeating behavior now, another sabotaging action then. Pretty soon what started as mindless, unimportant moments take darkness into a daily or even hourly event. Brick by brick, years and even decades are spent building cathedrals to judgment and negativity.”


I’d like to share my own example of just how powerful our words can be for our physical body as well.


I was raised by parents who had a very strong work ethic.  Having lived through the Great Depression, they were of the mindset that to get ahead one must sacrifice and work very hard.  So it’s not too surprising that I inherited that same attitude about hard work.  Throughout various careers in my life, I have been “all in”--reading, studying, attending workshops–whatever it took to excel in that career.


I’d been working in fitness when I discovered energy medicine.  As someone who had come from a very strong background in Western medicine, I was fascinated with the world of energy work.  I felt like I was in a new house that had so many rooms!  I fell back on that work ethic and read everything I could get my hands on about various energy medicine modalities, attended many workshops, and earned several certifications.  


A colleague suggested that I attend a workshop on medical intuition.  I wasn’t sure this was something I was capable of doing, but I agreed to try it out.  As I began to discover how to recognize my own intuition and apply the information I was receiving, I immediately felt like I was finally “home”.  I realized that I was indeed able to do the work and discovered many ways to incorporate the intuitive wisdoms I was receiving.


I have continued to hone my skills, and am fascinated with the intuitive information that has come to me. However, recently I decided I should probably be able to see in more detail, like a picture you would come across in an anatomy textbook.  While I was giving very accurate readings, I was working hard to see more clairvoyantly–reading a lot on the subject, calling in my Divine and Sacred Guides as specialists, and spending a lot of time in meditation, all the while asking for a guide to help me “see” more clearly.


A few months ago I woke up unable to see out of my left eye. A visit to the eye doctor confirmed a viral infection which had created high pressure in the eye. I had been quite literally “pressuring” myself to see. I was not surprised that it was on the left side of my body, the side that has to do with the feminine energy of receiving. Instead of letting the information come in gently I was pushing outward, searching, instead of letting the answers come to me effortlessly.


When I realized the significance of what had happened in my physical body, I decided to ask my guides to assist me in “letting the information just float in”. And….you guessed it…I very quickly developed “floaters” in the eye.


I’m happy to say that my eye has healed nicely, I am much more aware of how intuition comes to me, and guess what? I am seeing much more like those X-rays and anatomy photographs I was trying so hard to call up myself.


Klingler reminds us of just how powerful our words are as she says, “Words communicate, but when their energy is focused, words take on a new life. They can become weapons in an arsenal, beacons in the dark, and catalysts for indescribable power.”


As human beings, we have the opportunity to be a strong connection in the energy of the Universe, or a weak link.  What word did you choose?


Betty Ann Dean, R.N., B.S.N., has worked in various settings as a registered nurse. In 2008 she began to explore energy medicine as taught by Donna Eden as a way of healing the body in addition to traditional medicine. She is certified as a practitioner of Bowenwork, a hands-on healing therapy, and brings a rich background of corrective exercise to her healing modalities as a result of her 10 years of experience as a personal trainer. In 2020, Betty Ann was certified at the Masters level as a medical intuitive and continues to study with her mentor, Tina Zion.


Her practice, Vibrant Bodyworks, is located in Liberty, MO, and Parkville, MO. 


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