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FEATURE - October 2019

Prayer Has Intelligence


By  Stephanie Red Feather

I glanced over at the clock on the wall, again. 10:00…11:00…12:00… “When are they going to come and take me to the operating room already?” If I wasn’t sedated, IV’d, gowned up, and lying in a wheeled bed from the pre-op procedures – forcing me to be still, stay “inward,” and practice my meditation skills – my restlessness and anxiety would have overtaken me. My knee surgery was scheduled for first thing in the morning, but it was after lunch when they finally wheeled me into the O.R.

Yet, I am grateful for the delay because I got to experience firsthand – in my cells – the power and intelligence of prayer.

My surgery was elective and scheduled in advance, so in the days leading up to it, I asked my friends, family, and spiritual community to hold space for me, pray, send healing energies, and visualize everything going smoothly. I received many messages of support and felt the force of gravity behind them.

But what I recall so intensely about that 5-hour wait is that I felt everyone’s prayers surrounding me. It didn’t matter that the surgery was hours late! I told everyone what time my procedure was scheduled for, but the prayers didn’t evaporate at 8:00 a.m. They hung around! They knew! The Reiki, the positive intentions, the visualizations for success, the prayers for ease and healing…they all stayed with me, surrounding me in love and grace.

The frequency of these prayers was palpable. I sensed their life force and intelligence. I recognized their aliveness. My body tingled with that familiar buzz of high-vibrational energies running through me. These healing wishes weren’t going anywhere until the surgery was complete. 

Intention is Everything

I’ve taught Reiki since 2005. This means I’m well aware of the practice of “distance healing” as it is traditionally taught in the second of three levels of Reiki. Distance healing means we recognize that time and space are an illusion and that healing energy (or prayers or intentions) can be sent anywhere, including forwards and backwards in time.

In helping students access the concept of sending Reiki energies non-locally, I always likened it to prayer. I would ask them questions like…If your grandmother in New York is having surgery, do you believe your prayers have an effect? If your cousin is up for a huge job interview in Seattle, do you believe your visualizations for success are reaching him? If you are working with a client in Australia, do you believe your intentions for the session can travel that far?

In my experience with the subtle realms of energy, I have come to learn that intention is everything. These frequencies we work with have intelligence (whether you think of them as the vibration of prayer, the vibration of Reiki, the vibration of intentions, or whatever your paradigm is). The energies respond to our intentions – they are created by our intentions – and travel effortlessly across a great distance at our slightest behest. They have consciousness. 

A living field of intelligence is created every time you generate an intention. Once the intention is solidified, we then choose the “vehicle” to deploy our intention into the world. This vehicle could be Reiki (or any energy healing modality), prayer, visualization, meditation, spoken declaration, a crystal grid, or ceremony, for example. These energy streams are not bound by the same gross laws of physics that govern gravity and electromagnetism. We might physically be “stuck” right where we’re standing, but we can send our love, prayers, and intentions to every corner of the galaxy. With training, we can even send our consciousness or essence, such as in astral traveling or bilocation.

Everything is Energy

If you look at anything under a large enough microscope, it is just a particle vibrating at a rate of speed. Everything in this world is energy. We are all connected through an invisible matrix of forces we are just beginning to identify and understand. When you send good vibes to another person, your focused intention serves as the operator dialing up that person’s unique telephone number. The energies don’t just randomly wander the universe.

I like to think that for every person I could ever pray for or send healing energies to, there is a direct line from me to them through this energetic matrix of space and time. I imagine it like a multidimensional interstate system. There is a road that will take you from any place on the map to any other place on the map. The matrix itself has intelligence and conducts our prayers and intentions through the most direct route to whomever the intended receiver is. Though we may not yet be able to describe or fully understand these multidimensional pathways, the evidence of their existence is unmistakable through the energies that reach and affect us, like the prayers during my surgery.

A Prayer By Any Other Name

I don’t get hung up on labels…as I said earlier, intention is everything. Whether you are comfortable with the idea of prayer, or you prefer to send healing energies, or you like to visualize the outcome you are wishing for the other person, the result is the same: a living field of intelligence containing your intentions is generated and delivered. 

What’s more important than what you call it, however, is the content of your wish, and that brings us to the unavoidable subject of agency (defined as action, power, or operation).

You are a powerful creator and with this power comes the inevitable responsibility. As humankind evolves in consciousness, it is our charge to be deliberate and thoughtful architects of our world, including how we interact with others, even down to the prayers we pray. In recognizing that your intentions create energy fields and these energy fields have consciousness, I invite you to increase the potency and integrity of your prayer practice through generating as much mindful, purposeful intention as possible. Your prayers make a difference!



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Rev. Dr. Stephanie Red Feather is a divine feminine change agent and champion of empaths. As the founder of Blue Star Temple, she offers a variety of workshops, trainings, products and media designed to support deep transformation and spiritual growth. Her specialties include shamanism, divine feminine mysteries, thriving as an empath and embodiment. Her first book, The Evolutionary Empath, is due out November 5. Visit her website:

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