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Start Evolving Magazine in your Town and Publish a Local Edition!


Evolving Magazine is looking to start a local edition of the magazine in cities across the U.S. Because we’re so sure of the reputation and viability of the publication, Evolving Magazine offers two choices for bringing a local edition to your area:


  1. Start a local edition of this community publication as an Associate Publisher. As an Associate Publisher, you will be the local voice for your community, responsible for ad sales, gathering news items, finding local writers and artists, and attending events to promote the publication. This is a commissioned position.

  2. Or, purchase a share with the Franchise Opportunity. For a reasonable fee, you could own your local edition of Evolving Magazine without prior publishing experience. We’ll offer the training and support to get your local edition running and making a profit.


About Evolving Magazine:

With nearly 12 years in publication, Evolving Magazine is available both as a print edition and online. In addition, the Evolving Holistic Online Directory offers additional revenue streams for your business.


Readers of EVOLVING are educated consumers searching for information on alternative healing, healthy living, wellness and spirituality. They are in a period of life where they have the desire to learn more and the discretionary income to afford it.The Evolving reader is interested in alternative and holistic healing options, maintains a healthy lifestyle, purchases books and music, attends self-improvement workshops and is actively interested in self-awareness.


For more information on this opportunity, send your resume and a brief description of why you are the perfect candidate to start a local edition of the magazine in your area. Also include information on any other free publications in your area that pertain to holistic health, spirituality and growth topics. Are they newsprint or glossy paper? What are the demographics of your city? Population, average income, education, etc.?


Send to Kansas City publisher, Jill Dutton, at so we can discuss the possibility of working together in the near future.

"High vibrating piece of collaboration...of course it's going to spread! You have been a wonderful conduit for Spirit's love, Jill -- major kudos

on the news!"

--Nathan Tammaro

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